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  • As Interest Rates Inch Higher Will Fixed Rate Mortgages Become More Popular?
    It's been a busy year for the Bank of Canada. For the fourth time since July 2017, the Bank of Canada has increased its policy interest rate 0.25 per cent so that it now sits at 1.5 per cent. Learn how this latest hike might change the mortgage market in Canada.
  • Will Work for Belly Rubs
    Could you use a little less stress in your day? Need a little boost in office productivity? Then maybe the answer lies in your favourite four-legged best friend. With almost half of all Canadian households owning a pet, it's not such a crazy idea that people would enjoy pets in the office too.
  • Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rate to 0.75 Per Cent
    For the first time in seven years, the Bank of Canada has raised its target for the overnight rate to 0.75 per cent from 0.50 per cent. The last time the Bank of Canada increased the rate was back in 2010 and for the last two years, the overnight rate has been sitting at 0.50 per cent.
  • The Reality of the Millennial Homeownership Dream
    If you're a millennial in Canada, or the parent of one, a recent HSBC survey suggests that the dream of homeownership isn't dead, it just requires some help-and work-to bring the dream of buying a home to life.
  • How Your Down Payment Affects the Total Cost of Your Mortgage
    At the risk of stating the obvious, the bigger the down payment, the smaller the mortgage, which in turn saves you a considerable amount of money in interest costs. But, how much in savings on interest are we really talking about?
  • The Cost of Mortgage Loan Insurance in Canada
    Buying a house can be costly, and for the majority of us, the only way to make that dream a reality is to get a mortgage. Yet, with housing prices being what they are, many Canadians find it difficult to save up the needed 20 per cent down payment to avoid paying for mortgage loan insurance.
  • CMHC to Increase Mortgage Insurance Premiums
    The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is increasing its mortgage loan insurance premiums. The new mortgage loan insurance premium increase will come into effect on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, 2017. Will you be affected?
  • What Impacts Your Home Insurance [Infographic]
    From the roof to the basement to the garage, there are many things that go into your home insurance rate. But what specifically affects your home insurance rate? As you make your house your home, we've identified 21 things that may influence the rate you pay for your home insurance coverage, and illustrated a few of them in this infographic.
  • Home Insurance Savings Guide: 21 Things That Impact Your Rate
    Your home is probably your biggest investment and the best protection for that investment is home insurance. But what specifically affects your home insurance rate? As you make your house your home, we break down some of the things that may influence the rate you pay for your home insurance coverage.
  • Sick of Winter? Kick the Blahs to the Curb
    Even though it has been an unusual winter across much of Canada, spring is on the horizon. But until it's official, we've listed a few of the good things to come.
  • Tips to Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Sooner
    If you intend to pay off your home mortgage as quickly as possible, then you're in the majority; a survey claims that more than 75 per cent of new homeowners said being mortgage-free sooner was their goal. Of course wanting to be mortgage-free sooner is easier said than done, but there are some tips that can help you reach your goal quicker.
  • 300,000 Reasons Why You Should Worry About Title Fraud
    It's been estimated that the average amount stolen in title fraud is in the range of $300,000. How can you shield yourself from falling victim to title fraud?
  • One in 3 Pets Will Need Medical Attention This Year. Do You Have Pet Insurance Yet?
    Pets have a knack for getting into some strange, and scary, situations, and 1 in 3 pets require medical attention every year. Learn more.
  • Title Fraud in Canada: Keeping the Roof over Your Head, Yours
    Real estate fraud in Canada is a booming business, and while the vast majority is perpetrated against financial institutions in the form of mortgage fraud, it's title fraud that hits home and strikes fear in homeowners. Learn how it happens and how to protect yourself.
  • 8 Easy Tips to Get Pumped: How to Save Money on Gas
    Make your petrol work for you; it's easier than you'd think. We've rounded up 8 easy ways to save gas.
  • Tips to Save Once You Decide to Tie the Knot
    Planning to pop the question this Valentine's Day? Life's big moments come with big changes. When you get married, you enter a whole new world of personal finance opportunities. From honeymoons to home insurance, get the most financially from your new life together and say, "I do" to savings.

  • Renting Out Your Basement Apartment? Tips To Help Get You Underway - Legally
    Thinking of converting your basement into a profitable legal basement apartment? Safeguard yourself, your home and your potential tenant with these tips to help you prepare to welcome a renter to your basement apartment...

  • Halloween Safety: Eight Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe
    It might be one your favourite times of the year, but Halloween can be downright scary for your pets. The holiday is full of Halloween hazards for your dog or cat, but there are some simple ways you can keep them safe.

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