How your neighbours are keeping their auto insurance rates low

If there was ever a reason to keep up with the Joneses, it's when they've got a good idea and are saving money, considerable money, not just a dollar or two. Take car insurance for example; five per cent saved here and 5 per cent saved there can really add up when you consider how much you pay in auto insurance premiums each year.

Auto insurance discounts

The money-saving value of auto insurance discounts can not be ignored when you could save up to:

  • Five per cent if you change your tires seasonally. This discount is often called the winter tire discount.
  • Five to 15 per cent if you insure both your car and home insurance with the same insurer. This discount is offered by most providers and is called the multi-line discount.
  • Fifteen per cent if you are a member in a roadside assistance program.
  • Five per cent if you park in a preferred location like a private garage or driveway.
  • Ten per cent if you have comprehensive coverage (which covers things like theft, vandalism) and your car has an approved anti-theft device.

London auto insurance shoppers take advantage of discounts

Based on the behaviour of London car insurance shoppers at many of your neighbours are exploring the discounts available to them when comparing auto insurance rates.

  • Thirty per cent change their tires seasonally,
  • Almost 64 per cent opt in to the multi-line discount,
  • More than 30 per cent are part of a roadside assistance program,
  • About 68 per cent regularly park overnight in a location that qualifies them for a discount, and
  • Over 43 per cent have an anti-theft device.

Don't discount the money to be saved with discounts

Compare quotes from as many insurers as possible to explore all your car insurance discount options; discounts are not uniform across insurers and a discount available from one insurer may not be offered by another. As well, the discount amount can vary, so it's important to compare rates from competing insurers to see who offers you the best available auto insurance rate.

Not ready to comparison shop yet?

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