Canadians prefer driving popular car brands

TORONTO, April 6, 2011 - Popular car brands such as Honda, Mazda or Toyota do not only dominate Canadian roads- they dominate auto insurance rate comparisons on quote comparison website

But when it comes to unpopular car brands in Canada - quote comparisons on are one offs, if not rare. The least quoted car brand in 2010 on was a TVR. In The cars you're least likely to 'spy with your little eye' reveals the top 10 least quoted cars, with the TVR being the least quoted vehicle with only one quote.

The rarity of these cars in North America does not necessarily mean they are unpopular. Many of these cars are not readily available in Canada, but they are extremely popular overseas. Also, some of these cars are discontinued or they are only available to high-net worth individuals who are able to afford higher price ranges.

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