TORONTO, November 09, 2010 - An article by Kanetix® (, titled "Mind the (car) modifications" explains how various types of car modifications and customizations may impact your car insurance rate, if at all.

Drivers interested in customizing or modifying their vehicle are cautioned that some changes could result in potentially higher auto insurance rates. Fortunately, not all customizations result in increased car insurance premiums. The Kanetix article goes on to list a few common car modification scenarios and explains the typical impact, if any, on a driver's insurance rate. Drivers are also urged to remember that every insurance company has different limits and considerations regarding how they handle vehicle customizations and modifications, so the insurance rate for a customized vehicle may vary between companies.

Many drivers consider customizing their car to reflect their personality, and the Kanetix article, "Mind the (car) modifications", helps drivers better understand the potential impact.

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