All cars are not created equally, which is why the federal government introduced initiatives back in 2007 to encourage earth-friendly car purchases; the ecoAUTO rebate program for vehicles that are fuel efficient, and the Excise Tax (Green Levy) on Fuel INefficient Vehicles.

The Rebated

Let's start with the good news, the rebates. (Update: The ecoAUTO rebate program is no longer available effective December 31st, 2008.)

According to Transport Canada the following 2008 model year cars are eligible for the rebate*. The list is comprised of new cars that get 6.5 L/100km or better, or new light trucks that gets 8.3 L/100km or better. The list features hybrid electric and highly energy efficient vehicles. In addition, new flexible-fuel vehicles with combined fuel consumption E85 ratings of 13.0 L/100km or less will be eligible.

  • Chevrolet HHR FWD-Rebate: $1000
  • Chevrolet HHR Panel FWD-Rebate: $1000
  • Chevrolet Impala FFV-Rebate: $1000
  • Chrysler Sebring Sedan FFV-Rebate: $1000
  • Dodge Avenger FFV-Rebate: $1000
  • Ford Escape Hybrid FWD-Rebate: $2000
  • Ford Escape Hybrid AWD-Rebate: $2000
  • Honda Civic (2-door) -Rebate: $1000
  • Honda Civic (4-door) -Rebate: $1000
  • Honda Civic Hybrid-Rebate: $2000
  • Honda Fit-Rebate: $1000
  • Jeep Compass 2x4-Rebate: $1000
  • Jeep Compass 4x4-Rebate: $1000
  • Jeep Patriot 2x4-Rebate: $1000
  • Jeep Patriot 4x4-Rebate: $1000
  • Lexus RX 400H 4WD-Rebate: $1000
  • Mini Cooper Clubman-Rebate: $1000
  • Mini Cooper--Rebate: $1000
  • Nissan Altima Hybrid-Rebate: $1500
  • Nissan Rogue FWD-Rebate: $1000
  • Saturn VUE Hybrid-Rebate: $2000
  • Smart ForTwo (Coupe) -Rebate: $2000
  • Smart ForTwo (Convertible) -Rebate: $2000
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid-Rebate: $1500
  • Toyota Corolla-Rebate: $1000
  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4x4-Rebate: $1500
  • Toyota Prius-Rebate: $2000
  • Toyota Yaris-Rebate: $1000
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The Taxed

Now for the bad news, the excise tax (aka the Green Levy.) If you're looking to buy a new vehicle anytime soon, make sure you look into whether or not it is subject to the Green Levy. The Green Levy is a tax on certain new automobiles which are determined to be fuel INefficient.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, the excise tax is determined on the basis of the vehicle's weighted average fuel consumption. The weighted average is calculated by combining 55% of the city fuel consumption rating with 45% of the highway fuel consumption rating.

Vehicles that have a weighted average fuel consumption of 13 or more litres per 100 km will be subject to the tax at the following rates:

  • At least 13 but less than 14 litres per 100 km: $1,000
  • At last 14, but less than 15 litres per 100 km: $2,000
  • At least 15 but less than 16 litres per 100 km: $3,000
  • 16 or more litres per 100 km: $4,000
So what vehicles are subject to the tax? The Canada Revenue Agency provides a list of 2007 model year vehicles, of which we've selected a few to highlight the range in vehicles that the Green Levy affects, and the tax applied*:

  • Audi S4, Manual-Levy: $1,000
  • Audi S4 Avant, Manual-Levy: $1,000
  • BMW X5 4.8i-Levy: $1,000
  • BMW M5, Manual with automatic clutch-Levy: $3,000
  • Buick Rainier AWD, 5.3 L-Levy: $1,000
  • Cadillac Escalade AWD-Levy: $2,000
  • Chevrolet Suburban, 6L-Levy: $2,000
  • Chevrolet Trailblazer AWD-Levy: $3,000
  • Chrysler 300C SRT8-Levy: $1,000
  • Chrysler Aspen4x4 (MDS)-Levy: $2,000
  • Dodge Charger SRT8-Levy: $1,000
  • Dodge Durango 4x4 FFV-Levy: $2,000
  • Ford Mustang, 5.4 L-Levy: $1,000
  • Ford Explorer 4x4, 8 cylinder-Levy: $2,000
  • GMC Envoy4x4, 5.3 L-Levy: $1,000
  • GMC Yukon 4x4 FFV-Levy: $1,000
  • Hummer H3 4x4, Electronic automatic-Levy: $1,000
  • Infiniti FX45 AWD-Levy: $2,000
  • Jeep Commander 4x4-Levy: $1,000
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4x4-Levy: $1,000
  • Land Rover Range Rover 4x4-Levy: $2,000
  • Lexus GX 470-Levy: $1,000
  • Lexus LX 470-Levy: $3,000
  • Mercedes-Benz ML500-Levy: $2,000
  • Mercedes-Benz R500-Levy: $2,000
  • Nissan Armada 4x4-Levy: $3,000
  • Nissan Pathfinder 4x4-Levy: $1,000
  • Saab 9-7X AWD, 5.3 L-Levy: $1,000
  • Toyota 4Runner 4x4, 4.7L-Levy: $1,000
  • Toyota Sequoia 4x4-Levy: $2,000
  • Volkswagen Touareg, 3.6 L-Levy: $1,000
  • Volvo SC90 V8 AWD-Levy: $1,000
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* For the full list and details of the ecoAUTO rebate eligible vehicles and the list of vehicles subject to the Green Levy visit the websites for the Canada Revenue Agency and Transport Canada. These lists may not be definitive, and are solely for reference purposes only.

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