Drivers in Barrie have options available to lower auto insurance rates

Chances are when you leaf through your mail and see your auto insurance renewal in amongst your other bills your heart sinks with apprehension; hopefully your rates decrease, or at least stay the same, but fact is many drivers have come to expect the worst when it's time to renew.

Cheaper auto insurance tips

Based on the behaviour of Barrie auto insurance shoppers at many drivers are missing out on money-saving opportunities when they comparison shop their car insurance needs.

  • Over 71 per cent of shoppers do not change their tires seasonally
  • Twenty-five per cent opt out of the multi-line discount
  • More than 64 per cent have no roadside assistance to speak of, and
  • Greater than 56 per cent of vehicles do not have an anti-theft device.
In each case, a discount usually worth five to 15 per cent is being missed.

The value of auto insurance discounts

Auto insurance discounts can really add up.

Winter tire discount: Some companies offer a discount when all four of tires are changed seasonally. This discount could save you up to 5 per cent.

Multi-line-discount: Most insurance companies offer you a discount when you're willing to insure both your car and home insurance with them. This discount can range from five to 15 per cent.

Roadside assistance: Depending on the roadside assistance program and the insurer, you could be eligible to receive a discount that is worth up to 15 per cent.

Anti-theft discount: If you have comprehensive coverage (which covers things like theft, vandalism), you could be eligible for a discount of up to 10 per cent if you have an approved anti-theft device installed.

Don't let your renewal turn into regret

When you get your auto insurance renewal in the mail, compare quotes from competing insurers to explore all your car insurance discount options. Comparison shopping is important because discounts are not uniform across insurers; a discount available from one insurer may not be offered by another. As well, the discount amount can vary, resulting in significant differences when you compare quotes.

Don't discount the value of discounts; they can really add up to significant auto insurance savings.

Not ready to comparison shop yet?

If your policy isn't up for renewal for a while yet, sign up to the free Kanetix renewal reminder service. We'll email you in advance of your policy's expiry, giving you plenty of time to comparison shop when the time is right.

Never rush to renew, subscribe to the auto insurance policy renewal reminder.

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