Getting what you want out of your health insurance plan

Once you have made the decision to purchase individual health insurance, you will need to choose a plan that fits your needs. The good thing is that whether you are already covered by a work plan, or not, you can pretty much add to or create a plan with any type of coverage you wish.

What are your options?

Every company offers a different range of coverages starting from a small, low-cost coverage, up to a more inclusive, higher-cost coverage (no matter how you cut it though, you'll likely save money in the long run). The only limit when choosing your supplemental health insurance plan is that there is a maximum amount of coverage you can purchase for any plan you choose, which varies by company.

Basic health insurance coverage

  • This is the most basic health insurance coverage which fills in the gaps for things not covered by provincial health care plans
  • This plan could include items such as air and ground ambulance services, wheelchairs and other devices, private hospital rooms and private duty nursing

Enhanced Health Insurance Coverage

  • A step up from the basic plan, typically with higher maximums, a more enhanced health insurance coverage typically includes everything that the basic plan does, as well as additional coverage.
  • This could include coverage for things such as specialized health practitioners, orthotics, hearing aids and various equipment and health supplies

Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage:

  • A comprehensive health insurance coverage will likely include everything in the enhanced plan and more
  • May include additional health practitioner services, physiotherapy, massage therapy, vision care and funeral expenses

  • The above is not a reflection of all plans offering health insurance. Details may vary from company to company.

Mix and match your health insurance

No matter which coverage or company you decide on, it is not set in stone, meaning you can add on additional coverages to most plans. For example, if you choose the basic coverage, you may choose to include additional health coverage or upgrade your dental insurance if you feel you will make use of it.

Some of the typical types of coverage that you may be interested in adding on top of your pre-existing coverage, or when creating your own custom plans are:

  • prescription drugs
  • dental coverage
  • hospital cash, and
  • travel coverage

Get coverage that suits your needs

Putting together a supplementary health insurance plan is quite easy, as it allows you to pick and choose what coverages you want, and personally decide what is best for you and your family's needs. Remember to go over application forms and policy types carefully before you sign up to make sure you are covered for the specific needs you want, and if not, see what you can add on to your plan until you're happy with it.

It is possible to find a supplementary insurance plan out there to meet almost any needs and any type of budget. Take a look at different types of health insurance possibilities at now.

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