The deadliest months in Canada Canadians really live for the summer, really we do.

According to Statistics Canada's Death report (July, 2012) which looked at deaths in Canada in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the deadliest months for Canadians were January, March and December. Of the deaths in Canada:

  • 9.3 per cent were in January
  • 8.9 per cent in March, and
  • 8.8 per cent in December
Whereas, the summer months were noticeably lower:
  • 7.8 per cent were in June
  • 7.9 per cent in July
  • 7.9 per cent in August
  • 7.7 per cent in September
At first glance-and we're sure there are a hundred other factors to consider too-it looks like winter really takes its toll. What's also interesting is that January, February and March are also the same months when people are more inclined to inquire after, and shop online for life insurance through

Perhaps these shoppers were touched by the death of a loved one, friend or acquaintance that moved them to look after their own life insurance needs; but the fact is, compared to the rest of the year, the first three months of each year are typically the months with the highest number of online life insurance quotes being obtained through

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If you're healthy, avoid guaranteed issue policies

Guaranteed issue policies typically do not require a medical exam, which is why they often cost more. A guaranteed issue policy is available to everyone, healthy or not, and this is reflected in higher premiums.

Note: Guaranteed issue policies are well suited for people unable to get any other life insurance. While it may be more expensive, it is still worth having a guaranteed issue life policy over having no life insurance coverage at all.

Consider a two-in-one policy

If you're looking to get life insurance coverage for yourself and your spouse, then consider buying one joint term life insurance policy, instead of two individual policies. The premium is usually about 15 per cent less for a joint life policy than two single life insurance policies of the same coverage amount.

Compare standard and preferred quotes - but not to each other!

There are two basic life insurance rate groups: standard rates and preferred. Most people qualify for standard life insurance rates, while about a third of the population is eligible for preferred rates.

Preferred rates are offered to especially healthy people at a smaller premium than most. Usually preferred rates are offered only once the results of the medical information and tests are known.

Consider term life insurance

Term life insurance typically offers you the most coverage for the least amount of money. While there is no investment or saving component to a term life insurance policy, there are many who would tell you to "Buy term, and invest the difference."

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