It's February again and for most Canadian college and university students this means Reading Week, those 5 days away from assignments and midterms. While your professors and parents probably think it's a good time to catch up on your work and reading requirements, odds are you're thinking about anything but. Instead, maybe you're heading home to visit family and hometown friends, going with classmates on a ski trip, or seeking some Southern fun in the sun with your roommates? Whatever your plans, if you're leaving your home province or country, keep reading (bad pun, sorry.)

To buy or not to buy travel insurance? There's really no question

If you're thinking you don't need to worry about travel insurance because "it won't happen to you," all it takes is one nasty sunburn, that hidden jump on the ski slope or one bad burrito at 2 a.m. for you to have to pay out-of-pocket for your trip to the doctor. Because the fact is, if you require medical attention on vacation, there's a chance your government health benefits won't cover your expenses. Or if it does, it likely will not be nearly enough.

Still thinking you'd rather wing it instead of buying travel insurance? Here's a few questions you should ask yourself first:

Q. Do you think travel insurance is too expensive?

A. Travel insurance really is very inexpensive-especially if you're young and travelling for a short time. Through you can get rates from travel insurers that start as low as $12 for trips less than 7 days, or $13.30 for trips of 8 - 10 days. That's cheaper than the average price of a pitcher of beer from your favourite pub.

Q. Are you covered through your parents' workplace benefits or through a school program?

A. If you're not sure due to your age or whether or not these types of plans are available to you, you'd be better off making the safest decision to buy travel insurance anyways because it's so inexpensive.

Q. How many travel insurance companies do you think there are to choose from?

A. There are lots of travel insurance companies out there, and sites like make it easy for you to do your research quickly and without hassles (this isn't like the research you have to do for a paper.) This is good news if you're cramming and studying right now for midterms. Since it's so quick and easy, it won't make your brain hurt more than it already does.

Q. Do you think buying travel insurance will take forever to complete?

A. Purchasing travel insurance takes very little time thanks to being able to buy online after getting a quote. Unlike some other insurance products, like auto or life insurance, there is no extra wait time for approval and administration. In most cases, there is no medical exam and quotes only take only a few minutes to get as well.

Q. Are you under the impression you're too late to buy travel insurance since all your other travel plans are complete?

A. Even if you planned your vacation months ago, you can still buy travel insurance. Most companies offer a whole suite of products that don't require you to buy a policy at the same time you booked your trip.

Q. Have you purchased travel insurance already and assume you've gotten a good deal?

A. If you've purchased travel insurance, that's fantastic! Your parents must think you're very responsible. But, if you didn't have a chance to compare rates, or didn't know you could, you might find you could be getting a better deal elsewhere. It's not too late. Consider getting quotes from competing insurers to see if you could get a better deal. If you find a better rate elsewhere, most companies allow you to cancel your policy with a full refund, as long as you do so prior to leaving.

The easiest research you'll ever do.

At, shopping for travel insurance is quick, easy and affordable. Travel insurance quotes are available instantly online for as little as $12. What better savings can be had then paying $12 now, instead of thousands of dollars should you need emergency medical attention? And just so you know, student loans don't cover this stuff...

Get a quick quote and compare rates from leading Canadian travel insurers in less time than it takes to change your status on Facebook. At, you can get quotes anonymously, so you won't have to sign up to any clubs or create any accounts. Oh, and did we mention that getting quotes is free?

Compare travel insurance quotes from as low as $12 at today, and enjoy your week off!

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