Canadians love to visit Mexico. Whether it's because of Mexico's beaches, weather, pyramids or tequila, Canadians have been flocking to Mexico in records numbers with no sign of stopping. Every year, for the last 3 years, Canadians have made more trips to Mexico than the previous year. According to Statistics Canada, 705,000 trips were taken to Mexico by Canadians in 2004. This number increased to 794,000 in 2005, and further jumped to 842,000 this past year.

Do you think all these travellers felt safe when going to Mexico? More than likely, yes. But, within the past 2 years there have been many media reports highlighting assaults, and even deaths, of Canadian travellers while in Mexico. While some of these incidents have since been attributed to misadventure, some have not; raising the awareness of Canadian safety while travelling.

As recently as May, 2007, it was reported that during the period from 2000 to 2006, 1133 Canadian traveller's suffered assaults while travelling worldwide. Of those, 173 occurred in Mexico. The story details the Top 5 destinations where the most assaults were reported:

  1. Mexico
  2. China
  3. Cuba
  4. Thailand
  5. United States
While media coverage has focused mostly on Mexico, Canadian traveller's need to take precautions, no matter where they decide to vacation.

No matter where you travel, be prepared

Just like the Boy Scout's motto; be prepared even before you leave. The following are just a few tips to help keep you safe, no matter where you travel.

  • Consider registering with the office for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. They offer a service where they'll contact you while you're away if there is a need to offer urgent advice during a natural disaster or civil unrest, or to inform you of a family emergency at home. Even if you opt not to register for this service you should:

    • leave a travel itinerary and contact details with family or friends in Canada
    • provide family with the emergency number for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
    • keep on hand the phone numbers for the Canadian government offices in the countries you plan to visit
  • Pack lightly. It is a good idea to go as unencumbered as possible. Try to minimize what you take with you and avoid using expensive-looking luggage which can mark you as a wealthy tourist. Ideally, you should be able to have one hand free at all times.
  • Enjoy the nightlife safely.
  • Take precautions when going out for a night on the town. Never accept drinks or food from strangers trying to befriend you. Try to walk around in well-trafficked streets. Make use of taxis and group sightseeing tours, wherever possible. As well, depending on where you are visiting know that activities you are accustomed to at home may be culturally taboo where you are visiting. Learn about, and respect local customs to stay out of harms way.

  • Use common sense. If it doesn't feel right don't do it.
  • Buy travel insurance. Consider buying an all-inclusive or comprehensive travel insurance policy because these types of policies not only include emergency medical coverage for injuries or illnesses while on vacation, but they also cover trip cancellation or interruption.

    If an all-inclusive or comprehensive policy is more than you need, then at minimum consider getting emergency medical coverage because you can never anticipate an illness and injury. All you can do is prepare; and that's why travel insurance is so important. It's an inexpensive assurance that you'll get the emergency treatment you need without having to pay for it for years to come. Hefty medical bills are a souvenir no one wants to take home from their vacation.

Start preparing today

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