Searching for, and finding a life insurance company in Canada is easy when you consider that according to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association there were 105 active life insurance companies operating in Canada in 2005. But if you're searching for a life insurer and you've misspelled, misnamed, or mistyped their name in your search you might have difficulty finding them.


Thankfully, that's where can help. Not only do we have some of Canada's top life and health insurance companies featured through the online life insurance quote comparison service but we'll help you get your life insurance quotes from these life and health insurance companies.


American International Group? AIG? AIGInsurance? AGI? Even IAG

If you are looking for Canada life insurance quotes and you've entered as your search American International Group, AIG, AIG Insurance, AIGInsurance, AGI or even IAG, chances are you are looking for the AIG Life Insurance Company of Canada - commonly referred to as simply AIG.


Typically, a company whose name is a three-letter string is not often misspelled. In this case, it is more often typos that prevent a person from finding this company to get life insurance quotes. Sometimes our fingers simply get ahead of us as we type; hence AGI, IAG, or even AIGInsurance.


No matter how you spell it, you can get quotes from the AIG Life Insurance Company of Canada through Compare AIG life insurance quotes online today.


AXA Insurance? AXA Assurances? AXAInsurance? AXAAssurance? AXA Equitable?

Just like AIG, a life insurance company name comprised of just three letters is more prone to typos rather than misspellings. That's not to say it doesn't happen; consider AKSA, ASKA, AXEA, AXAH, AXEAH, or AAXA.


A quick look at the words people use to search for AXA Assurances shows some creativity on behalf of the people looking to get life insurance from AXA. For example, popular searches include AXA online, AXA Equitable, AXA life, www AXA, AXA Equitable life and AXA Equitable life insurance. Looks like folks might confuse AXA Assurances with Equitable Life Insurance and think they are really one company.


However you search for life insurance from AXA Assurances you'll find it through Compare AXA Assurances life insurance quotes online now.


Desjardins Financial Security, Desjardins insurance, assurance Desjardins or simply just Desjardins?

Desjardins is easy...easy to misspell that is! Consider the following variations on just the first word on the name Desjardins Financial Security; Desjardin, Des Jardin, Des Jardins, Desjardain, and Desjardains to name just a few of the most common. That's not to mention the confusion around whether it is Desjardins assurances, Desjardins assurance, Desjardins insurance, assurances Desjardins, or assurance Desjardins.


Fact is if you are looking for life insurance from what is commonly simply just called Desjardins, you'll find life insurance quotes from this company through Compare Desjardins life insurance quotes to save.


Canada Life AKA Canada Life Assurance AKA Canada Life Insurance Company

Technically named The Canada Life Assurance Company most people know it best as Canada Life. But is this how they search for it? Sure, most of the time, but you'll also see:

  • canada life insurance or canada life insurance company
  • canadalife
  • canadalife com, canadalife ca, or www canadalife
  • canada life assurance or canada life assurance company
  • canada life financial, or even
  • great west canada life

If it's life insurance quotes you want from The Canada Life Assurance Company then can help. Compare Canada Life life insurance quotes online now.


Equitable, Equitable Life, or Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada

Life insurance quotes from the life insurance company commonly known simply as Equitable Life are available through But how do people typically get to Kanetix if looking specifically for Equitable. Well they search on common words and phrases like equitable, equitable insurance, equitable life insurance, equitable life assurance, axa equitable life (which seems to be very popular), the equitable life insurance, equitable life of canada, and of course equitablelife. Some of others include equitible, equitible insurance, equitible life insurnace, equitible life assurance, equitable assurance, insurance company life and axa equitable.


If you're looking for "insurance company life Canada" quotes from Equitable, or any of the other companies featured through, you can do so online. With just one visit, you can get instant online life insurance quotes from Equitable Life or any of the other life insurance companies featured.


Industrial Alliance, or Industrial Alliance Life Insurance Company

Industrial Alliance Life is one of those companies who seem to go by a variety of different themes of their name. Officially called Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Company, you'll see them often referred to as IA Pacific, I A Pacific, I-A Pacific or as Industrial Alliance. It can get confusing.


The good news is that through Kanetix you'll find life insurance quotes from Industrial Alliance, no matter how you type their name. Compare Industrial Alliance Life insurance quotes online today.


RBC Insurance, RBC Canada, RBC Life Insurance or how about RBC Royal Bank?

RBC Insurance has the same spelling issues as Industrial Alliance Life. Should you search on the short name, RBC, RBC Insurance, rbc canada, RBC life insurance, RBC Insurance Canada or maybe even RBC Royal Bank?Fortunately, life insurance quotes from RBC can be obtained through, and you can even compare RBC's life insurance quotes to those of other life insurers.


Find the right life insurance policy and compare RBC life insurance quotes today, online through


Transamerica Life Canada, Trans America, Transamerica Financial

Funnily enough there are not too many misspelling for Transamerica Life. Transamerica Life Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEGON N.V., one of the largest insurance companies in the world. However, Transamerica Canada is typically found when people look up:

  • transamerica
  • transamerica life insurance
  • transamerica insurance, and
  • transamerica finanical

The only obvious misspelling, or typo is a separation of the two words: trans america, trans america life, trans america insurance and trans america financial.


Whether you find it as one word or two, you'll find Transamerica Life insurance quotes online instantly through life insurance quote comparison service.


Your typing need not be perfect! can help. Through's life insurance quote comparison service you can get quotes from the life insurance companies listed above.


Compare life insurance companies today.


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