Don't know about you, but my spelling at times can be something to be desired. Sometimes I look at an item I've just typed in a search engine and wonder how I ever expected to find what I'm looking for when I look up the proper spelling and see how it's really spelled. No wonder I couldn't find what I was looking for!


To make matters worse, when I do get the spelling right, my typing is less than accurate.


Take for example insurance. It's one of those words that can be misspelled or mistyped probably a hundred different ways. Add 'life' to it and you've compounded the poor results you get in your search.


That's where articles like this one can help. If you are looking for instant online life insurance quotes from some of Canada's top life insurance companies, but you typed any of the following as your search, you might not have found what you are looking for:

  • life inusrance
  • life isnurance
  • life insurence
  • life insurense
  • life insuranse
  • life insureanse
  • life insureance
  • life insurnace
  • life insureance
  • life insurances
  • life insurane
  • life ensurance
  • life ensurence
  • life insurase
  • life insuance
  • life insuarance, and sometimes simply
  • life ins


Of course, 'life' can often be mistyped too, it's not just insurance's fault! Common paired mistypings include:

  • lifeinsurance
  • lieinsurance
  • liveinsurance
  • lie insurance
  • live insurance

Your typing need not be perfect! can help. Through's life insurance quote comparison service you can get instant online life insurance quotes.


Compare life insurance quotes online now, because you've found what you're looking for: life insurance!


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