Canadian Flag

Canada comes second in size to Russia and the country has 10 provinces. Each province has its own unique cultures and landscapes. People native to Canada have a long history in the country. Experts believe the earliest people arrive in Canada some 15 thousand years ago. Today, people in Canada speak two official languages: English and French. The beaver sits proudly as the country's national animal. Each of the provinces has its own flag, bird, flower and capital.



Alberta Flag

Alberta, Canada was established in 1905. The province is in the western portion of the country. The capital of Alberta is Edmonton and Calgary is the largest city in the province. The Great Horned Owl and wild rose represent the province's bird and flower. The flag of Alberta embodies the province's colors, Alberta blue and Alberta gold and the shield of arms displays a picture of wheat and mountains.

British Columbia

British Columbia Flag

Queen Victoria chose the name British Columbia in 1858, the province was established in 1871, and the capital is Victoria. The provincial flag displays a brilliant image of the sun and the colors red, blue, white and gold. The Pacific Dogwood is British Columbia's provincial flower. The Steller's Jay proudly stands as the province's bird.


Manitoba Flag

Manitoba has an area of 250,900 square miles and offers a continental climate. The province is the eight-largest in the country and has a total population of approximately 1,208,000 people. The capital is Winnipeg and the province won the distinction "polar bear" capital. The provincial bird is the Great Grey Owl and the Prarie Crocus represents the province's flower. The Manitoba flag offers a striking red, blue, white and gold combination of colors.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Flag

Representing an official bilingual province - English and French are officially spoken here - New Brunswick offers a maritime, or sea, environment. The capital is Fredericton and offers many cultural and educational venues for residents of New Brunswick. The flag of New Brunswick offers a brilliant design of a ship surrounded by gold, red, white and blue colors. The provincial bird is the Black-capped Chickadee and the Purple Violet represents the province's flower.


Newfoundland Flag

Newfoundland and Labrador lies on the eastern most portion of the Canadian country. St. John's is the province's capital city. The Atlantic Puffin is the province's bird. The world appreciates the province for the Newfoundland and Labrador dog breeds. The Pitcher Plant, a plant that captures prey, is the province's flower. The Newfoundland flag offers a simple design that embraces the colors yellow, red, white and blue.

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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Flag

Nova Scotia is another maritime province in Canada. The capital, Halifax, is located almost halfway between the North Pole and the Earth's equator. A simple blue, white, red and gold with a large "X" shape is Nova Scotia's flag. The osprey and Mayflower are the provincial bird and flower, respectively.


Ontario Flag

Located in the east-central portion of Canada, Ontario hosts Toronto, the country's most populous city and capital of Ontario. The flag of Ontario displays a brilliant red color combined with blue, white, gold and green. The provincial flower is the White Trillium and the Great Northern Loon is the provincial bird. Southern Ontario, the Canadian Shield and the Hudson Bay Lowlands are the main regions of the province.

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Flag

Prince Edward Island, or Garden of the Gulf, offers beautiful agricultural land. The island hosts roughly 140 thousand residents and is north of Halifax. The flag depicts trees and the colors red, gold, green and white. The provincial flower is the Pink Lady's Slipper and the Blue Jay is the province's bird.


Quebec Flag

Located in the east-central portion of Canada, Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking region. The flag depicts a simple image of a cross and the fleur-de-lis, an artistic expression of the lily. The flag sports blue and white, a simple yet powerful color combination. Quebec's provincial flower is the Blue Flag Iris and the bird is the Snowy Owl.


Saskatchewan Flag

Saskatchewan lies to the north of North Dakota and Montana in the United States. The province is home to roughly 1 million residents and most live in the southern portion of the nation. The Saskatchewan flag the displays bold colors of gold, green and red. The Western Red Lily is the province's flower and the Sharp-tailed Grouse is the national bird.

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