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Laval car insurance policy 101

Your Laval car insurance policy has mandatory coverages as well as a few optional coverages that can be purchased.

The mandatory coverages are broken down in to two components:
  • Public auto insurance: Your driver's licence is administered by the government agency called the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), and includes Injury coverage in the cost.

    Each year, premiums are set for Quebec's public automobile insurance plan. Premiums can vary depending on your driving record as well as demerit points accumulated. The public automobile insurance plan in Quebec ensures that all its residents are covered for injury or death resulting from an automobile collision.
  • Private auto insurance: Your private plan covers civil liability as well as property damage. This coverage is obtained though private insurance companies that features. The minimum legal coverage is $50,000, but it is much more common to have liability that is set to $1 million or $2 million.

  • There are more than three optional coverages that can be added to your Laval car insurance policy, but the most common are the following:
    • Collision (or upset) coverage: This covers damage to your vehicle as a result of an impact or collision with another vehicle or object.
    • Comprehensive coverage: This insures your car against damage caused by non-collision scenarios like theft and vandalism.
    • All perils coverage: This is both collision/upset coverage and comprehensive coverage rolled up into one.
    These optional coverages typically come with a deductible. A deductible is the portion of an insurance claim you agree to pay. Your deductibles will factor into how your auto insurance rates are calculated. The higher the deductible the lower your rates.

    What Goes into Your Laval Car Insurance Rate?

    Laval is the largest suburb of Montreal, Quebec. It is also the third largest municipality in the province of Quebec, and the 13th largest city in Canada. The population currently exceeds 402,000. Data from shows that the average age of drivers searching for low rates in Laval is 39 and male drivers (65%) outnumber females (35%) by a significant amount.

    Residents of Laval, as well as car insurance customers across Canada, understand that several factors come into play when auto insurance firms calculate rates. Where you live in Laval, your commute, the car you drive, and your driving history are all important sources of information insurance providers require.

    Where You Live in Laval

    Since Laval is a mere 11 kilometres from Montreal, you can expect it to have similar driving conditions. Therefore, busy traffic conditions and tough driving situations will arise. If you live in quieter more remote sections of the city with less traffic congestion, there may be a chance to capitalize on it in terms of lower insurance premiums.

    Your Commute

    The driving distance from Montreal to Laval is about 13 kilometres, and thousands of drivers make that trip each day. Insurance providers take note of the length and duration of the drive to work when they calculate rates. They also note which customers use public transportation or other means such as walking or bicycling to work when they establish insurance premiums. Generally speaking, the latter methods have a cost advantage when determining rates.

    The Car You Drive in Laval

    Vehicle model and year is a major component in determining auto insurance premiums. Theft rates, safety ratings, repair costs and several other parameters are also used by insurance professionals to help generate the most accurate insurance premiums. In Laval, the Honda Civic takes the top spot for most popular vehicle that drivers shop insurance for. The Mazda3 is the second most commonly insured automobile followed by the Toyota Corolla. The Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta hold down the fourth and fifth spots among drivers researching rates on

    Your Driving History

    Insurance premiums reflect your past driving behavior and there`s nothing you can do to prevent that. Therefore, expect all accidents, infractions, tickets or charges that appear on your driving record to be scrutinized by your insurance company. At the same time, if you show that you have a safe driving history with little or no driving mishaps, you can be sure insurance companies will take it into consideration. It could knock down your insurance costs significantly.

    More than half of all drivers in Laval report at least one car accident, as noted while getting their auto insurance quotes on In fact, a hefty 62 per cent have reported at least one incident. Significantly less drivers (47%), report that they have received at least one ticket. Almost half of all male drivers (49%) admitted they had at least one ticket, which is slightly higher when compared to the female group at 43%.

    Drive Safely and Save Money

    Many drivers are convinced that using some form of roadside assistance program is of great benefit today especially as driving conditions become more difficult. According to statistics obtained by, 32 per cent of Laval car insurance customers use roadside assistance programs. These drivers should inform their insurance companies to see if they qualify for a discount, as many insurance firms offer a price reduction.

    Other Discounts May Be Available

    Holding multiple policies with one insurance company should mean significant savings for customers, right? As it turns out, insurance companies will give significant discounts to reward that loyalty. Laval insurance customers (44%) take advantage of a multi-line discount from their provider.

    If you want even cheaper insurance prices, there are ways of obtaining it. If you haven`t already done so, complete a driver training course. Also, look into adding security features on your vehicle, or installing an alarm system in your garage.

    Shop Around to see if You Can Save Money

    Compare rates regularly to ensure you're getting the best price for your car insurance coverage. Compare rates annually at renewal, but also if your situation changes like when you get married (or divorced), move, buy a new car, add drivers to your policy (like your teen), get a ticket, are involved in a collision, change jobs or retire. These are all ideal times when you should shop around to see if you can lower your car insurance rate.

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    Car Insurance Quotes Premium
    Customer 44, LAVAL, PQ
    2007, HONDA, CR-V LX 4DR AWD
    Aviva Agency$752
    TD Insurance$837
    SSQ auto$1213
    Range of top quotes$461
    Customer 31, LAVAL, PQ
    2018, BMW, 430i xDrive 2DR AWD
    TD Insurance$1085
    Aviva Agency$1332
    SSQ auto$1616
    Range of top quotes$531
    Customer 26, LAVAL, PQ
    TD Insurance$1130
    SSQ auto$1257
    Aviva Agency$1384
    Range of top quotes$465
    Customer 54, LAVAL, PQ
    TD Insurance$820
    Aviva Agency$991
    SSQ auto$1521
    Range of top quotes$701
    Customer 23, LAVAL, PQ
    2016, AUDI, S3 2.0T QUATTRO 4DR
    TD Insurance$1473
    SSQ auto$2383
    The Co-operators$3384
    Aviva Agency$6731
    Range of top quotes$5258
    Customer 26, LAVAL, PQ
    2013, VOLVO, S60 T6 4DR AWD
    TD Insurance$1590
    SSQ auto$1724
    Aviva Agency$2047
    Range of top quotes$457
    Customer 28, LAVAL, PQ
    TD Insurance$1002
    SSQ auto$1889
    Aviva Agency$2150
    Range of top quotes$1148

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