We often receive emails asking specific insurance-related questions. Here are some of the most common questions, with responses provided by the Principal Broker at KTX Insurance Solutions, a licensed insurance representative featured through the Kanetix® quote comparison service.

My teenager has just received their Learner's Permit (G1 in Ontario). How will this impact my insurance coverage?

Actually, it shouldn't impact how much you pay for coverage. Most insurance companies do not "rate", or charge you if you will, for drivers who only have their Learner's/G1 (Ontario) licence. Even so, based on your original agreement with your insurer, you still have a responsibility to notify them there is a Learner's/G1 licensed driver now in the household. Why? Because this falls under the disclosure required when there is a 'material change' in risk, which a new driver represents.

Once your teenager gets their next level licence, you will have to add them to your insurance policy by listing them specifically as a driver. For more information on this topic, visit our Questions Library where the question, I don't ever intend to allow my son/daughter to drive my car but I've been told they must be listed on my insurance policy. Why?" is answered.

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