The cars you're least likely to 'Spy With My Little Eye'. Are these the worst cars ever, or just uncommon? You be the judge.

Uncommon Cars On The Road In Canada Drivers across Canada come to to compare auto insurance quotes on a variety of vehicles. You can probably guess, without putting much thought into to it, what some of the most popular cars in Canada are: Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet to name just a few. But can you guess what the least quoted car brand is?

Least popular cars in Canada, according to

The following are the Top 10 least quoted car brands at

  1. Lada
  2. AM General
  3. Maybach
  4. Geo
  5. Tesla
  6. Daewoo
  7. Lotus
  8. Rolls Royce
  9. Isuzu
  10. Eagle

Least quoted doesn't mean they're the worst cars ever, just uncommon: luxury car brands

These cars aren't necessarily the worst cars ever, and it's not that these cars are not coveted. In some cases, the least quoted cars are not readily available in North America and were likely imported. In others, the vehicles were either once available and are no longer, or are luxury car brands that very few people can afford.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these cars. Should you ever spot one, consider how lucky you are given how few appear to be on the road.

Looking to buy a new or used car? They may not all be luxury car brands but we've got Canada's Top 10s listed.

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