Throughout the history of the automotive industry, there have been reliable cars and not-so-reliable cars. There were the car models that came and went in a flash, and then there were the models that just seemed to keep on going. Cars become a part of our lives from the time we are very young. It becomes a habit to rely on the family vehicle to get where we need to go. As children grow up into adults, they want to keep driving the same cars that they had in their childhood. In some instances, those resilient car models are still on the road and still getting people where they need to go.

Volvo Rear-Wheel Drive Models Up To 1996

You may know someone who owns a Volvo, or you may own a Volvo yourself. Even if you do not own a Volvo, you cannot get away from them. Volvo has consistently made some of the best cars in the world, and you can still find some of those pre-1996 models on the road. The vehicles benefit from their supreme ability to resist rust and the precision engineering that goes into each engine.

Ford Crown Victoria, 1992-2007

Anyone who was around in the 1990s would be able to identify a Ford Crown Victoria. Even if you knew nothing about cars, this model was easy to spot. Ford had some quality issues that plagued models such as the Edsel and the Mustang, but they hit a huge home run when they put the Crown Victoria on the road. You can still find Crown Victorias from the 1990s taking families over the river and through the woods - or anywhere else people need to go.

Honda Accord, 1976 to Present

When you talk to anyone about a Honda vehicle, you will usually get into a conversation about vehicles that retain their value and last a long time. The Honda Accord was the model that established that reputation for the car-maker. From 1976 to the present day, the Honda Accord is a car that lasts seemingly forever, and it does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon.

Jeep Cherokee, 1987-2001

The Jeep brand has a reputation for being able to go where other vehicles cannot go. It all started when jeeps were used in World War II, and that reputation has remained. The Cherokee was Jeep's attempt to mix its reputation for durability with the need for a family vehicle with more room. The fact that the model years from 1987 to 2001 are still on the road is a testament to how successful the mixture has been.

Mercedes 300D, 1975-1985

The next time that you look through the classifieds at the used car listings, take some time to look over the Mercedes models for sale. You will be shocked to see a healthy selection of Mercedes 300D vehicles from 1975 to 1985 that are still on the road. That says a lot about the engineering and workmanship that went into this particular car model.

Toyota Tundra, 2000

Pickup truck commercials have become a parody of themselves, but there is a lot of truth in what Toyota says about its Tundra in its ads. The 2000 model year for the Tundra really did start to become the choice for hard-working people all over the world. It can seem odd that Toyota shows up in this list with a pickup truck, but there is a lot of durability in the Tundra that keeps them on the road year after year.

Chevrolet 3100, 1947

In the age of smartphones and the Internet, you can still find these Chevy 3100s from 1947 on the road. When these vehicles are restored, they can be sold for tens of thousands of dollars. But you will still find a dedicated group of customers who use the 1947 3100 as their everyday vehicle.

Porsche 356, 1948

Porsche has always been know as a company that stays ahead of the curve when it comes to sports cars. The 356 from 1948 is widely regarded as one of the first street-legal sports cars. It had its engine in the back, and it came in that classic Porsche silver color.

Volkswagen Beetle, 1938

The original "punch bug" rolled off the assembly lines in Germany to give Germans a vehicle to drive on the new Autobahn. Despite the small engine and seemingly flimsy construction, this little vehicle changed the way that people looked at automobiles. It was the kind of car everyone could afford, which gave the average consumer access to transportation that had been reserved for the wealthy.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, 1992

Japanese automakers are known for making sporty cars that last for a very long time. The Lancer Evolution by Mitsubishi first rolled off the assembly line in 1992, and it is still one of the most-sought-after street-legal sports cars in the world.