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Find the best low interest credit card in Canada, with the Kanetix.ca Credit Card Comparison Service.  A low interest card is ideal for those Canadians who tend to carry a monthly balance. Low interest credit cards can save you hundreds of dollars a month in interest costs and help you pay off the balance much faster. With so many competing credit card offers out there, it certainly makes sense to shop around for the best, lowest rate offering.

Need more information? Simply browse the credit card and credit card information sections of our website to find out more. You can calculate your credit score, look up a word definition in our credit card glossary, check your credit report or simply compare credit cards to find credit card companies that fit your needs. You can even apply for your credit card online! Simply click on the 'Apply Online' button beside the card of your choosing to apply for a credit card directly with the card issuer.

Kanetix offers a wide variety of low interest rate cards, including credit cards from AMEX, Scotiabank, MBNA and HomeTrust, as well as Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Bank and other non-bank low interest rate credit cards are also featured. All the best credit cards in Canada await you at Kanetix.ca.

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Why get a low interest credit card?

Many Canadians carry a credit card balance. Those who do, pay interest on the outstanding balance that gets carried over from one month to the next with compounding interest. A low APR (annual percentage rate) credit card will help you minimize your monthly interest costs by charging you less interest on the outstanding balance. This is why low rate credit cards are an excellent choice for many consumers.

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Canada's low interest credit cards

There are many low interest rate credit cards to choose from in Canada, like cards with no annual fee and cards with great rewards. Choose one credit card or several if you'd like to take advantage of the great credit card offers on our site. Comprehensive information is available for each card to help you make an informed decision. It's also important to consider the credit card limit when you apply for a card - would a $500 or $10,000 limit serve you better?

Balance transfer credit cards

Some credit cards also have a promotional rate on balance transfers. This means that if you transfer the credit card balance from your old card to the new one, you can take advantage of a low interest balance transfer rate on the new card for a certain time period (usually up to 1 year). This option is great for customers that have a large balance outstanding on a card that has a relatively high interest rate to save a considerable amount of money.

Planning on carrying a balance on your credit card? Apply online for a low interest rate credit card today to reduce your interest cost!

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A credit card is practically a necessity in this day and age. Whether you're looking to purchase stuff online, start building your credit history, rebuilding your credit score, or take spontaneous advantage of discounts and in store promotions or earn benefits and rewards from the day-to-day purchases you make, a credit card is a must have financial tool which gives you enormous flexibility - and for obvious reasons, low rate credit cards are the way to go.

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