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October 25, 2018 -
Accenture's The AI Effect Podcast Launches Season 2; Unites Artificial Intelligence Leaders to Discuss Challenges and Benefits of AI Adoption in Canada

October 19, 2018
Private member's bill targets auto insurance postal code discrimination
Can-India News Online

October 17, 2018 -
Your Car Insurance Could Go Down in Halton

October 15, 2018 -
MPP Moving to Tackle Sky-High Auto Insurance Rates in Mississauga

October 01, 2018 -
Car horn study reveals younger drivers just need to relax more

September 25, 2018 –
BMW conference focuses on the future
Collision Repair Online

September 20, 2018 –
Car horn honking has many Canadians feeling 'unsafe,' survey finds
Toronto Star

September 18, 2018 –
Honking horns startle many Canadians: survey
Radio Canada International

September 18, 2018 –
Car horn use has 48 per cent of Canadians feeling agitated, unsafe and at risk for a collision, survey finds
Insider Tracking, Masthead Online, New Tecumseth Free Press, The Glengarry News, Corporate Knights, Penticton Business, Shaw Connect, Morning Star, CEO CA, Le Lezard,

September 18, 2018 –
Are your children away at school properly insured?

September 09, 2018 –
Parents, are your kids away at university or college properly insured?
The Globe and Mail

July 14, 2018 –
Travel Insurance Tips: What you need to know
GrownUp Travels

July 12, 2018 –
Tips: Travel Insurance

July 12, 2018 –
Some savings accounts could earn you more than a 5-year investment right now
Global News

July 01, 2018 –
How Much Can the Province Do About Car Insurance Rates in Brampton?

July 01, 2018 –
Aggressive driving: How to avoid being that driver
Inside Halton

June 29, 2018 -
Why brokers need to stay in front of students who move away from home
Canadian Underwriter

June 08, 2018 –
F1 Crescent Street Party – Fast and the Furious
Montreal Times

June 05, 2018 –
Changing the rhetoric around Ontario's postal code discrimination
Insurance Business Magazine

June 05, 2018 –
Getting rid of location-based auto insurance rates won't reduce premiums: Insurers
Edmonton Sun, Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun 

May 23, 2018 –
Man's car insurance shoots up $600 per year after he moves to new neighbourhood

May 18, 2018 –
Liberals promise end of ‘postal code discrimination’ in auto insurance if re-elected

April 6, 2018 –
Nearly half of Canadian renters don’t have tenant insurance: Kanetix Survey , Canadian Underwriter

January 16, 2018 –
Are you comfortable with your car giving up your secrets?

January 10, 2018 –
What Smart Speakers mean for InsurTech

January 9, 2018 –
Why consumers may be snubbing telematics

January 16, 2018 –
Are you comfortable with your car giving up your secrets?

November 03, 2017 –
Edges of Toronto: Like poverty,  our car insurance rates divide Toronto

November 15 -17, 2017 –
Quebec Insurmap
Horizon 95.5, KYK FM, Passion FM, 107.7 FM, 104.7 FM

November 16, 2017 –,,
How to organize your fridge so you don’t waste food (money)
The Globe and Mail

December 5, 2017 –,,
Don’t buy your next car, SUV or truck without reading this
The Globe and Mail

December 8, 2017 –
Paying the high price for insurance fraud

October 16, 2017 –
10 Ways That Today’s Cards make Driving Easier
Huffington Post

October 17, 2017 –
What you can do to lower your car insurance rate
Breakfast Television

October 10-11, 2017 –
Live in Brampton or Vaughan? Your car insurance rates are top in Ontario, Vaughan Citizen,

August 17, 2017 –,,
It’s the Canadian way to pay too much for Financial Products
The Globe and Mail

June 18, 2017 –
Breaking rules on a bike can lead to Demerit points

Press Releases

January 08, 2018 survey reveals almost half of Canadians willing to connect and share data for lower insurance premiums

November 14, 2017 Study Reveals Montreal Car Insurance to be 23 Per Cent Higher Than Provincial Average

November 14, 2017 Study Reveals Montreal Car Insurance to be 23 Per Cent Higher Than Provincial Average

October 10, 2017 Releases 2017's Most Expensive Cities for Auto Insurance in Ontario

March 30, 2017 Helps Drivers Save on Car Insurance and Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

January 18, 2017 Adds Ingle International Travel Insurance to Online Marketplace

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