Everyone is wondering what is going to happen next in the housing market. The Canadian Real Estate Association recently published a revised report for 2013 projecting that national home sales activity in Canada will see a decrease of 2.9 per cent this year compared to last. While sales activity is expected to decrease, what about the cost to buy a home?

Forecast for 2013: The top five most expensive provinces to buy a home

According to the report, which also forecast the average price for residential homes in 2013, the top five most expensive provinces to buy a home in Canada will be:

  1. British Columbia - $502,700
  2. Ontario - $380,800
  3. Alberta - $376,400
  4. Saskatchewan - $281,800
  5. Newfoundland - $276,400

Compared to 2012, based on these forecasts each province will see an average change in prices of:

  1. -2.4% in British Columbia
  2. -1.0% in Ontario
  3. 3.6% in Alberta
  4. 2.7% in Saskatchewan
  5. 2.8% in Newfoundland

Mortgage rates and home insurance: Compare to save money

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Another opportunity to save, is with your mortgage. Whether purchasing a new home or looking for a mortgage refinance, view today's mortgage rates from leading bank and non-bank lenders; the rates are not only competitive, but can be secured online in minutes.

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