Many people may not know it, but the insurance industry is colour-blind. It doesn't matter if your car is a blue, red, green, silver, white, or black, your insurance rate for that make and model of car will be the same. What "they" say about red cars costing more to insure, simply isn't true--it's one of many auto insurance myths out there.

Even though car colour doesn't matter when it comes to your insurance rate, a recent car colour popularity survey (released by PPG Industries) shows that white is the most popular car colour out on the road.

Most popular car colours

In North America for 2012 model-year cars, the most popular car colors are:

  • 21 per cent white
  • 19 per cent black
  • 16 per cent silver
  • 16 per cent grey
  • 10 per cent red
  • 8 per cent blue
  • 7 per cent were "naturals" like gold, orange or brown tones
  • 3 per cent green

In Europe, the favourite car colours are: In the Asia/Pacific region the most popular car colors are:

  • 23 per cent white
  • 21 per cent black
  • 17 per cent grey
  • 13 per cent silver
  • 7 per cent blue
  • 7 per cent red
  • 7 per cent were "naturals"
  • 3 per cent were other colors
  • 2 per cent green

  • 23 per cent white
  • 23 per cent silver
  • 19 per cent black
  • 10 per cent were "naturals"
  • 9 per cent red
  • 8 per cent gray
  • 7 per cent blue
  • 1 per cent green

Don't believe car colour doesn't matter?

Compare quotes online through the's car insurance quote comparison service. Not only will you find great rates from competing companies, but you'll see that in order to get accurate rates you are not asked once about the colour of your car.

Want to learn more about car colour and what others say about your choice of car colour? Read the article, "Does Car Colour Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?"

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