Canadians are purchasing insurance but a new poll indicates they may be buying policies without knowing what's included in their individual plans.

According to a survey commissioned by Allstate Canada, 71 per cent of respondents said they were unclear about what their home insurance policies entailed. A considerable number of policyholders were also unfamiliar with their automobile insurance policies.

"What is clear from our survey is that Canadians are purchasing home and car insurance without taking steps to understand what they are getting," said Saskia Matheson, spokesperson for the insurance giant. "While we understand insurance policies may not offer the most entertaining read, if people are not fully aware of what their coverage entitles them to or the process to make a claim, then they may not get the full benefits of the coverage when they need it most."

Surprisingly, a significant percentage Canadians were unaware of basic protections, as nearly one in four said they weren't sure if their policy included accident coverage.

In Canada, all standard automobile insurance plans have accident coverage, even if they take place in the continental United States.

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