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Does your PEI auto insurance premium have you down? At, we’re confident that we can change how your feel about what you pay. After all, we’ve been helping PEI drivers trim their auto insurance premiums for years now and we expect to do the same for you too. We’ll search our network to find a PEI auto insurance rate that will have you smiling at how much you saved. Are you ready to feel good about your auto insurance premiums? Compare your Prince Edward Island auto insurance rate today.

Your PEI auto insurance quote, your PEI auto insurance coverage

When you shop your rate at, your quote will include all of the mandatory coverages set out by the province: Third-Party Liability (Section A), Direct Compensation-Property Damage (Section A.1), Accident Benefits (Section B), and Uninsured Automobile Coverage (Section D). It also may include optional coverages like collision and comprehensive, that are common with other like-minded Prince Edward Island drivers. However, if you’re not interested in these optional coverages, you can tailor your PEI car insurance quote so that the price you see includes (or excludes) these offerings.

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A glimpse at drivers on the Island

PEI drivers have been using for more than a decade to save on their auto insurance and over those years, a few trends have emerged. According to Prince Edward Island auto insurance quotes, we’ve noticed a few things about drivers in the province. 

The cars PEI drivers drive: The Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra are the two most popular vehicles in the province. These two vehicles are, equally, most likely to be included in a Prince Edward Island auto insurance quote. 

The pickup most likely to be picked: The Dodge Ram pickup truck is the fourth most popular vehicle in the province, beating out the country’s best-seller (the Ford F150), almost 2:1. 

The SUVs you’re mostly likely to see: Tied for most popular SUV (or crossover) is the Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4. These two vehicles were equal in their popularity with PEI drivers. 

Seeking ways to save on PEI auto insurance: Outside of shopping about, many PEI drivers are taking advantage of auto insurance discounts that can help them lower their rate further: 27 per cent are willing to bundle their policies (auto and home/condo or tenant); 45 per cent have a roadside assistance membership; and, overwhelmingly 93 per cent use winter tires when the weather turns cold and snowy. 

There are other ways you can save too. For example, did you know many insurance providers charge a little extra to offset the cost of administering monthly payments? If you can swing it financially, ask to see if there is a savings opportunity if you pay your premiums once, annually. Also, review your deductibles. If your collision and comprehensive deductibles are minimal (less than $500), raising them could help in lowering your rate. Keep your policy’s deductibles though, financially reasonable, as this is the amount you’ll have to pay should you need to make an insurance claim. 

Ready to bolster your savings power and lower your Prince Edward Island auto insurance premiums?

Every driver in PEI deserves to get the best deal possible on auto insurance, and by shopping your premium at you’ll be able to see if there’s a way to spend less than what you do today. Get ready to pad your savings account and compare Prince Edward Island auto insurance quotes today.