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Escapade Travel Insurance Company Profile

Insurance specialist for travel and expatriation, Escapade Travel Insurance deploys its expertise since 1990. A wider range of products and services supports and secures medically anyone travelling or residing outside their country of origin. We strive to ensure that each traveler or expatriate leave with peace of mind, with the guarantee to have adequate coverage, support and guidance of the entire team of Escapade Travel Insurance, formed with the requirements of mobility and health internationally.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with medical insurance that covers them from the first dollar of medical expenses incurred, with or without deductible, so their health is protected against all risks when they are traveling or living abroad. Our benefits can be customized to their profile and needs, as well as the sanitary conditions of their country of destination and local health care costs.

In addition to medical insurance and assistance, we also offer Trip Cancellation, Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Personal Liability, Personal Property Coverage, and Luggage Insurance.

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