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Coachman Insurance Company Profile

Since 1979 Coachman Insurance Company has been an industry leader in non-standard auto insurance. When other insurance companies say 'No' because they deem the risk too great, Coachman helps drivers with unfortunate driving histories stay protected while they get their personal auto insurance record back on track. While Coachman continues to focus on non-standard auto insurance, it also offers personal and commercial insurance products - especially for small business owners, contractors or those in a trade industry. SGI CANADA purchased Coachman in 2001 and through its subsidiaries, like Coachman Insurance, is proud to meet the insurance needs of customers. SGI CANADA has been in the insurance business for more than 70 years in partnership with independent insurance brokers.

Coachman currently provides online quotes for automobile and property insurance on Kanetix and has been a participant in the Kanetix Marketplace since June 2009. More company profiles

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