Is Québec Auto Insurance Going Green?

If so, some Québec auto insurance companies are definitely ahead of the curve.

Beginning October 1st, 2007, Québec will be the first province in Canada to implement a carbon tax on fuel to help fund "green" projects. While they are hoping that the tax will be absorbed by the oil companies, it seems more likely that consumers will end up paying the bill yet again.

For Québec residents, it seems like the future of the Québec driving scene, including the purchase of new vehicles, filling up at the gas station, as well as Québec auto insurance may be in for some significant changes. There will be a 0.8 cent per litre tax on fuel at the gas stations, and 0.9 cent per litre tax for diesel. Through this tax, the Quebec government aims to raise about $200 million over the next six years to help finance Québec's "going green" process. The principle: "the polluter pays," as coined by Claude Bechard, Natural Resources Minister, is what this new carbon tax on fuel is founded on. It gets those who pollute to take responsibility and pay the price. But for the Québec auto driver, what could this new carbon tax mean for purchasing new vehicles and Québec auto insurance?

With increasing talk about climate change, it's good to know that "global warming" isn't just a catch phrase used and abused by politicians. It is something that is being taken seriously in both government and corporate sectors. The Canadian government and governments on provincial and municipal levels have been making noticeable changes by enacting new policies and offering incentives to push all Canadians to do their part in decreasing greenhouse gases and emissions. Québec is leading the way, and some Québec auto insurance providers have been making changes to Quebec auto insurance premiums to help the province "go green."

Québec Auto Insurance Savings if you go "green"

Some of the changes on the way include possible subsidies from the government for those who are buying hybrid cars, government tax credits to those owning hybrids, as well as future plans to improve public transportation systems. In many provinces across Canada, similar trends are taking place.

Québec auto insurance companies like Aviva (Aviva Insurance Company of Canada), have offered a 10% discount to Quebec hybrid vehicle drivers since June 2006. This goes to uphold Aviva's vision to cultivate a long term commitment to the development of healthy communities. As one of the largest insurance groups, this is definitely a step in the right direction, and it is likely that many other Québec auto insurance companies will follow suit, along with other insurance companies servicing other provinces in Canada.

As a driver in need of Québec auto insurance, what are your choices?

You could continue just as you are, and keep using your fuel-inefficient, not-so-environment friendly car, and drive it for every transport requirement you have, but, it looks like it is going to become increasingly costly to do so with the impending implementation of "polluter pays" policies and the rising costs of fuel. Also, there is no break from Québec auto insurance companies if you go this route.

Perhaps some better choices to consider are:

  1. Implementing a carpool for the journey to and from work.
  2. Consider getting rid of one car if you have more than one, and try to use your car less often.
  3. A third choice is that you could stop driving altogether and opt for public transit to get around. This could become a lot more feasible because the Quebec government is working to improve the public transportation system.
Any of the above can help you save on your Québec auto insurance costs because the less you drive, the les of a risk you are considered to be, and obviously, if you have no car, you have no need for car insurance.

There is another exciting option for Québec auto insurance buyers: Make your next cat a hybrid!

You could save 10% on your Québec auto insurance from certain companies just for owning a hybrid. Also, you may qualify for a subsidy from the Québec government for a portion of the cost of the hybrid, and/or you could receive a tax-credit because you own one. You would also be less affected by the looming increases in costs, as "polluter pays" policies are implemented. Perhaps, best of all, you could feel great about doing your part to slow and stop global warming.

Both governments and corporations seem to be pushing towards hybrids and a "going green" philosophy, and some Québec auto insurance providers are leading the way.

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