Real People, Real Claims: Real-Life Reasons Why Visitors to Canada Need Travel InsuranceReady to welcome friends and family from abroad? Canada's busy tourism season is in full swing.

Summer is, hands down, the most popular time of year for tourists to take in everything that Canada has to offer. Whether it's city life, natural wonders, adventure, big league sports, entertainment, culture, or food and drink, there's no shortage of appeal, and as a Canadian you know this to be true. However, what you may not know to be true is that your visitors should have Visitors to Canada travel insurance for their stay.

Of course, no one ever plans to be ill or injured while on vacation, but while we all hope for the best, your visitors need to plan for the worst, because without coverage, a trip to the emergency room can be costly. With the average cost of a standard stay in a Canadian hospital coming in at $5,992, the following real-life Visitors to Canada travel insurance claims illustrate why you should suggest to your guests that they pack coverage alongside their other must-have travel documents.

A worry-free Canadian holiday starts with Visitors to Canada travel insurance

Regardless of where your guests' plane takes off from, suggest they get Visitors to Canada travel insurance before they embark. At it's easy to compare policies, prices and secure the coverage they need to ensure a stress-free holiday.

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