3 Different Uses for Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance

When will you need emergency medical insurance in Canada and how does it work?

Visitors to Canada travel insurance is commonly referred to as “super visa insurance” because it is a popular product for fulfilling the insurance requirements for the Canadian parent and grandparent super visa. However, visitors coming to Canada for other reasons, on other visas, can still benefit from the coverages available through a visitors to Canada travel insurance policy. Let’s take some time to review a few different scenarios where this product would be a valuable purchase for a visitor to Canada. The most well-known situation for purchasing a visitors to Canada travel insurance policy is when emergency medical coverage is an insurance requirement for a visitor’s visa application. This is the case for two popular visa types: the parent and grandparent super visa, and the International Experience Canada (IEC) visas. The necessity of visitors to Canada travel insurance in these instances is the reason that this product became synonymous with the visa type it is most commonly purchased to accompany.

  1. Visa applications
  • The super visa requires emergency medical coverage of at least $100,000 dollars, valid for one year, from a Canadian insurance provider (source)
  • IEC visas require insurance coverage for medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation, valid for the duration of the applicant’s stay in Canada (source)

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There are also other times when someone might need visitors to Canada travel insurance. A second scenario where this product would be a valuable purchase is for newcomers to Canada who have just immigrated, or expatriates returning from extended stays abroad.

2. Newcomers or expats

When entering Canada as a new immigrant or returning after a Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP) has expired, there may be a waiting period of up to three months, during which the newcomer or expatriate would not have access to Canada’s universal health care (source). A visitors to Canada travel insurance policy could be used to fill the gap in coverage until the waiting period ends and GHIP is received.

3. Tourists

Lastly, it is important to note that tourists, travellers, and other casual visitors to Canada are not covered under Canada’s universal health care program (source). This means that anyone travelling to or through Canada from another country could benefit from a visitors to Canada travel insurance policy. Whether someone is visiting Canada for a short time as a tourist, for a longer time with a long-term visa, or is planning to become a citizen, visitors to Canada travel insurance is a worthwhile investment. For more information about visiting Canada, super visa insurance, and other accident and travel insurance topics, visit the Travelance blog. This article was authored by Travelance as part of a post exchange. Kanetix contributed, Here's Why You Need Travel Insurance the Next Time You Visit Canada.


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