5 Places You Must Visit in 2020

Looking for a place to happen on your next getaway? Check out our top five vacation recommendations.

Not only is it a new year, but it’s also a new decade. That’s as good a reason as any to make 2020 the year to take off into the wild, blue yonder and see the world whether you have the travel bug or not.

But what kind of getaway do you seek? Is it a bucket-list trip with your best friends? An unforgettable vacation for the family? A solo, soul-searching journey through unknown lands? Or a romantic sojourn for two to exotic, far-off places?

Regardless, and to paraphrase famous globe-trotting chef and documentarian Anthony Bourdain, if you’re hungry to learn and be better, travel as far and widely as possible. That’s sage advice. Brush up on these travel tips, and let 2020 be the year you get out into this beautiful world and explore as much of it as you can.

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Five Destinations to Get to this Year

If wanderlust swirls inside you, but you are having trouble deciding where to jet off to, consider one of these five unforgettable destinations:

  • Scotland. Ancient castles, misty lochs, and majestic mountainscapes, there is much to explore in Scotland beyond its whisky distilleries. From the cultural hub that is Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands, this country is rich in folklore. It is a land of myths and legends like the Loch Ness Monster and the blue men of the Minch. Meanwhile, Edinburgh Castle, the historic fortress in the country’s capital city, is also home to the Scottish Crown Jewels and the National War Museum of Scotland.

  • The Algarve, Portugal. A blend of tradition, heritage, and stunning beauty, Portugal’s southernmost region is celebrated for its pristine, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re a golfer or lover of seafood, the Algarve is the place for you. The region is also a surfer’s hotspot, and its coastline features impressive limestone caves and caverns. In its two largest towns, Faro and Lagos, there are theme-parks for families, and the night comes alive as revellers flock to its numerous bars and restaurants.

  • Lima, Peru. Sure, Machu Picchu is world-famous and is definitely worth the visit. But don’t count out Peru’s capital city, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Lima is a cultural and historical hotbed (the city’s Historical Centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Known as the gastronomical capital of the Americas, the food is scrumptious in Lima. Furthermore, the architecture is a mishmash of styles owing to Spanish and French influences, and the city boasts many world-class museums and art galleries.

  • Nikko, Japan. The Olympic Games will be in Tokyo this year. If you plan on venturing to Japan’s capital city to cheer on our planet’s greatest amateur athletes, why not take a two-hour trip north to the city of Nikko and escape the crowds? History and natural, raw beauty combine to make Japan’s third-largest city a compelling destination. Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, it is home to the sacred shrines and temples of Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Banff, Alberta. If you fancy sticking close to home, the resort town of Banff in Banff National Park is a must-see destination. One of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations, Banff is located in the Rocky Mountains, a short drive west of Calgary. The scenic, charming town is the ideal place for outdoor adventurers with its extensive hiking and biking trails and ski hills (the Lake Louise Ski Resort is nearby). It also features some of the best ice climbing and rock climbing in the world.

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