8 Dangerous Home Renovation Trends

From open floor plans and high ceilings to reclaimed wood and antique furniture, learn how common renovation trends may be more dangerous than they're worth

Remodelling your home can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. After spending the time and money to give your living space a makeover, you want to make sure your home is safe. Having a home insurance policy that suits your needs and protects your family and property is essential. Nevertheless, your best bet is to be proactive and prevent the possibility of accidents before they happen.

Though they may be popular, some home renovation trends may do more harm than good. Here are eight home renovation projects to be wary of:

Open Staircases

Recently, staircases without railings have become increasingly popular. While an open staircase may look cool, it increases the risk of falling. Plus, open stairs often don't comply with building codes. Any obvious liability risks in your home may prevent you from getting coverage.

Antique Light Fixtures and Appliances

Instead of using the same furnishings as everyone else, many people like to personalize their homes by using vintage lights and appliances. However, old wiring for antique light fixtures may be more likely to cause a fire. Also, older appliances may contain dangerous compounds like lead. Before installing vintage components in your home, make sure to have them checked by a professional, so you don't put your family in danger.

Placing Your TV Over the Fireplace

Mounting your television above a fireplace may look nice, but there are a variety of reasons why you may be putting yourself at risk. First, you may put pressure on your neck from continually looking up. Second, mounting a television on a short wall may make it more likely to fall and injure someone. Finally, you may void your television's warranty by placing it so close to a heat source.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have no visible braces keeping them attached to your wall. While floating furniture is all the rage these days, if improperly installed they can fall and injure someone. If you do decide to install floating shelves, make sure you follow all of the directions and secure them to the wall.

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Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become increasingly popular. Having fewer rooms makes your home seem more spacious and encourages interaction between family members due to fewer physical barriers. However, open floor plans increase fire risk—fewer walls and doors to prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the home. Not to mention, potential criminals may find it easy to scope out your entire house.

High Ceilings

Similar to open floor plans, high ceilings can open up a room. However, the bright and airy atmosphere may not be worth it, as high ceilings increase airflow, and can cause fires which spread more quickly.

Exposed Plumbing

Especially popular in downtown city lofts, exposed plumbing gives a vintage flair to your home, but pipes carrying hot water can burn you. If you have children, make sure any exposed pipes are in areas where they are unlikely to touch them by accident.

Salvaged Wood and Wicker

Just like antique appliances, using salvaged wood in your home can give your decoration a rustic flair. However, salvaged wood may also carry hidden dangers like lead paint. Materials like salvaged wood and wicker furniture tend to be especially dry and flammable, so they may not be the safest choice.

Check With Your Insurance Company Beforehand

If you're planning to remodel your home, make sure to check with your home insurance provider to learn whether your renovation plans will affect your coverage.

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