Road Rage In Canada: Learn To @!$#&* Drive! Road Rage Statistics, Aggressive Driver Stats Infographic

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Do you know the most common road rage behaviours of Canadians?

Did you know that Quebecers are the least likely to speed as a form of road rage-like behaviour compared to drivers from other provinces? That two in five Canadians admit to using profanity when stuck in traffic? Or, across Canada the most common trigger for road rage was seeing other drivers operating a vehicle while distracted (talking on the phone, texting, eating, listening to music too loudly, etc.)? These are just a few of findings from the latest study conducted by on Canadian road rage behaviours.

Check out our latest infographic to find out just how road rage affects Canadians by age, province, gender, as well as what kind of triggers and responses are most common.

Learn To @!$#&* Drive!

A Look At Road Rage In Canada: Road rage statistics, road rage facts and more.

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A Look At Road Rage In Canada by

Road Rage In Canada: In Depth


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