Are Winter Tires Worth It?

Which side of the debate do you land on?

There are two types of drivers in Canada: those who install winter tires when the temperatures drop for the season and those who don't. Both sides of the debate believe they have compelling reasons for doing what they do.

Reasons for, and Against, Winter Tires

For drivers who don't change their tires seasonally there's the issue of cost, storage, or a general disbelief in their efficacy or need. For drivers who do, there's a faith in the tires' effectiveness that comes with the observed improved traction and shortened braking distances. In these folks' minds, seeing (and feeling) is believing. There's also the added perk of a winter tire discount that, where available, can save you up to five percent off your auto insurance.

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With or Without Winter Tires, Tips for Tackling the Season Safely

Whichever side of the winter tire debate you support, one thing is for certain: special driving precautions need to be taken when tackling the season.

  • Drive according to the road and weather conditions. Reduce your speed and do everything gently, especially when turning, accelerating, or stopping.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to ensure you've got the fuel to get to where you need to go, no matter how long it takes you.
  • Be sure other drivers can see you coming. Use your lights when visibility is reduced as well as when driving at night.
  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. In winter, and especially in bad weather, double the two-second rule. This means, at least a 4-second interval from the time the car in front of you passes a fixed object until you reach the same object.
  • If you start to skid, take your foot off the brake and look to where you want the vehicle to go and steer in that direction, but be careful not to oversteer.

Warm up Your Winter with Lower Car Insurance Premiums

With flurries in the forecast across most of the country, it's official, the season is changing. See if it might be time to change insurance providers too. At you can save 20 percent on car insurance when you compare quotes to find the best car insurance rate out there.


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