The Co-operators, RSA Canada, and Wawanesa Insurance Outline Their COVID-19 Customer Relief Measures

The Co-operators, RSA Canada, and Wawanesa Insurance recently released details about their respective COVID-19 crisis customer support initiatives. It’s the latest round of relief measures aimed to help Canadian auto insurance and home insurance policyholders.

The Co-operators

The Co-operators COVID-19 customer support measures include refunding car insurance premiums, payment deferrals, and extended payment grace periods.

The company says it will email its customers and update its website in the coming days with additional details on how to apply for the auto premium refund. Other measures include:

  • If you are not driving at all because of COVID-19, contact the company to suspend your vehicle’s coverage. They’d also like you to contact the company if, as either as a community volunteer or through an app-based food delivery service, you are delivering food or other goods as there may be different car insurance coverage options available. Also, any customers who received an auto-renewal notice with a premium increase are encouraged to contact the company to discuss it.
  • For customers needing a break from paying their monthly insurance bill, call the company to discuss options including deferring a payment, extending payment grace periods, and the waiving of non-sufficient fund (NSF) fees.
  • If you have a cottage or seasonal property that you cannot visit, the Co-operators has removed some of the conditions that apply to coverage for freezing. If the property is unoccupied for five or more consecutive days, you only need to make sure the heat remains on during the normal heating season, or that your water is shut off and the pipes have been drained.

“We know that many of our clients have significantly changed their commuting habits and are using their vehicles for essential trips only. Our approach will consider reduced auto premiums for those who are no longer commuting, working from home, or self-isolating,” says Rob Wesseling, President and CEO, The Co-operators. “We hope this will provide some assistance to help our clients during this unprecedented time.”

Home and auto policyholders can refer to The Co-operators’ online FAQ and are advised to contact the insurer to review their situations or for more information.

RSA Canada

RSA Canada’s COVID-19 customer relief measures feature reduced auto premiums, flexible payment options, and payment deferrals:

  • Auto insurance customers who are driving less, or not at all, can request a reduction in their premiums. If you are using your vehicle temporarily to make deliveries for a pharmacy, restaurant, grocery store or an app-based food delivery service, your car insurance will cover you, but call the company to discuss it
  • Flexible payment options and deferrals are available for home and auto policyholders on a case-by-case basis
  • NSF fees for missed payments after April 1 are being waived

"In the last month, Canadians have changed where they work, how much they drive and what they need to protect themselves, their families and their businesses," says Martin Thompson, President and CEO, RSA Canada. "As a national insurer, our promise is to be there for our customers when they need us most, so we are implementing new measures to provide meaningful assistance during these uncertain times."

The measures will be in place until June 30. RSA Canada customers should contact the insurer or their brokers to confirm any changes to their policies and for more information.

Wawanesa Insurance

Canadian mutual company Wawanesa Insurance’s COVID-19 premium relief measures include:

  • Auto insurance policyholders who are not driving are encouraged to call their brokers to have their coverage changed to save up to 75% (or $80) each month.
  • Drivers who use their vehicles to deliver food and other goods during the crisis should contact the company to change their policies to ensure they are covered.
  • The insurer will not implement auto rate increases previously approved by regulators, amounting to an estimated $4.5 million per month for its policyholders.
  • For customers who have claims filed for their vehicles or properties, car rental and additional living expenses extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Customers who are working from home during the crisis will get $5,000 of coverage added to their home policies to protect business property they may be using. Home insurance terminations and expiry dates can be deferred by up to 120 days upon the customer’s request.
  • The insurer is waiving NSF fees until May 25 for missing a payment, and it will not cancel any policies for the non-payment of insurance premiums for the foreseeable future.

Wawanesa customers should contact their brokers as soon as possible to take advantage of these relief measures.

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