Distracted Driving Laws in Canada

Find out the laws in your province.

Canada continues to crack down on distracted driving. All provinces and territories have some form of distracted driving-related legislation in place, and Saskatchewan recently doubled the fine for a first-time ticket. And while the laws and penalties vary by province, the intent behind the legislation is the same: to encourage drivers to remain fully focused on the road while driving.

While safety is the paramount incentive to not drive distracted, there are fines, demerit points and auto insurance implications to consider as well. A distracted driving ticket, for example, will affect your insurance rates for no less than three years, and that's not including the fine for the ticket itself. Distracted driving laws in Canada vary by province, and the following chart outlines the penalties.

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Distracted Driving Laws Across Canada

Here's how distracted driving laws compare across the country for a first-time conviction:

Province/Territory Minimum Penalties
British Columbia $368 fine, $210 ICBC Driver Penalty Point premium, and 4 demerit points
Alberta $287 fine and 3 demerit points
Saskatchewan $580 fine and 4 demerit points
Manitoba $672 fine, a shift five levels down the Driver Safety Rating scale, and a three-day licence suspension
Ontario $615 fine, 3 demerit points, and a three-day licence suspension
Quebec $300 fine plus 5 demerit points
New Brunswick $172.50 plus 3 demerit points
Nova Scotia $233.95 fine plus 4 demerit points
Prince Edward Island $575 fine and 5 demerit points
Newfoundland & Labrador $300 plus 4 demerit points
Northwest Territories $322 fine plus 3 demerit points
Yukon $500 fine plus 3 demerit points
Nunavut N/A

Nunavut does ban the use of a hand-held device while driving, despite it not yet having a specific penalty in place for the violation. According to CBC News, however, "drivers caught texting and driving are likely looking at a $115 fine for careless driving until a formal penalty is implemented."


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