Filming Your Ride: Does a Dash Cam Help with Your Auto Insurance?

Survey finds that one in 10 Canadian drivers have a dash cam in your car.

Whether it's a cyclist cutting across Canada's busiest highway, a collision, or an attempted insurance scam, vehicles equipped with a dash cam have recorded some unbelievable footage out on the road. But does having a dash cam affect your auto insurance at all?

Dash cam auto insurance discounts

Although a handful of U.K. insurers offer an auto insurance discount to policyholders who have a dash cam, the discount has not yet made its way across the pond to Canada. In the meantime, the good news is that a dash cam may be able to help you keep your car insurance rates low should the footage prove that you were not at-fault for a collision that, without the video, you would otherwise been found to have caused.

For example, a dash cam can prove that you really didn't rear-end the car ahead of you, and that the other driver actually reversed and hit you. Or, if you were involved in an intersection collision, a dash cam can prove that the light was green and you had the right of way.

Caught on tape

In addition to providing video corroboration to what truly may have happened during a collision, a dash cam can also provide reliable details about the circumstances. How many vehicles were involved? Were there passengers in the car? And in the case of a hit-and-run, the licence plate number and description of the vehicle involved would likely be captured. There are even some dash cams that record when the vehicle is parked giving you footage if someone vandalizes your car or tries to steal it.

Almost one in 10 Canadians drive a car equipped with a dash cam

Many collisions come down to one person's word against another's and with dash cam video, it's easier to identify what truly took place. Perhaps this is why a recent survey found that almost one in 10 Canadians (nine per cent) drive a car equipped with a dashboard camera, and more than one-quarter (26 per cent) said that while they don't currently have a dash cam in their car, they think it's a good idea.

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Dash cams and distracted driving

If you have a dash cam, or plan on getting one, it's important to set it and forget it. Have it installed in a location that does not impede your line of sight and keep your eyes and hands off it while driving. Otherwise you run the risk of getting a ticket for distracted driving.

Candid cameras

For many Canadians, a dash cam is more than just another gadget for the car, it's a security feature that offers peace of mind. And while currently there are no auto insurance discounts for having a dash cam in your car, there are other ways to save on your auto insurance. Last year, customers, for example, saved $3.8 million on their car insurance premiums simply by shopping around. Could you be saving too? Compare car insurance quotes today for a better rate. We search over 50 trusted insurance providers to help you save.


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