Great Canadian Road Trip Tips and Essentials

Where will your wheels take you this summer?

A road trip is the quintessential summertime vacation. With majestic mountains in the west, beautiful shorelines and delicious seafood in the east, and stunning lakes and cities in between, Canada is a country full of diverse landscapes.

Wherever you go this summer, there are many great places to see, stops to make, and things to do while on the road. We've picked a few popular places of interest to highlight in our Great Canadian Road Trip Stops and Tips infographic, but let's face it, Canada is a vast land, and there's no way to capture the thousands of beautiful stops across the country.

15 Road Trip Planner Tips

  • Take your car in for a maintenance check before leaving.
  • Clean your car, inside and out (don't forget the trunk).
  • Create an emergency kit for the car. Make sure it includes things like first aid items, a flashlight, reflective triangles or road flares, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, sunscreen, and water.
  • Bring a spare car key, just in case.
  • Pack a real, honest-to-goodness road map.
  • Keep a roll of paper towels, hand sanitizer, and wipes handy for unexpected messes. A few garbage bags can be helpful too.
  • Carry your proof of car insurance, driver's licence and vehicle registration.
  • Make a schedule and decide on a route but be flexible and stay calm if things don't go as planned.
  • Don't drive for more than eight hours a day to avoid driver fatigue. If possible, share the driving responsibilities.
  • Let the driver drive and the navigator navigate. And, don't worry if you missed an exit, there's always another one ahead.
  • Don't drive distracted. Leave the phone alone.
  • Instead of eating while driving, pull into a town for a sit-down meal. This doubles as a nice rest stop too.
  • Research your trip but don't be shy to ask a local for recommendations on where to eat or stay for the night.
  • Get travel insurance. Whether you're a Canadian travelling outside of your home province, or a visitor to Canada, travel insurance can help when the unexpected happens.
  • Take lots of pictures but avoid posting them on your social accounts. That way you don't tip off burglars that your home is empty.

Road Trip Infographic: Where Will Your Wheels Take You?

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