How Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion (CAMP) Helps People Affected by Natural Disaster

After a massive environmental disaster, there's often chaos. People may be forced to leave their homes. They usually don't know what to do next. Most homeowners have insurance, but probably escaped a fire, flood, tornado or other catastrophe with only themselves and their family. Insurance provides a safety net after disaster. But how do you access that safety net in times of severe stress? That's where Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion (CAMP) comes in. The initiative connects people with their insurance companies when they need help the most.

What is CAMP?

CAMP is a resource designed to help people access their insurance in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. The initiative is on-site to provide information about how coverage works. It also helps insureds to start the claims process, at a time when thinking through next steps may be very difficult. Sometimes, it is too dangerous for CAMP to have a set-up at the location of the devastation. If that's the case, they can set up a virtual resource using digital technology. CAMP has an additional role to play. It acts as the representative of the insurance industry. It communicates with media, as well as with first responders and emergency personnel in the disaster zone.

When is CAMP Deployed?

Some natural disasters cause widespread heartache. It is in those times, when there is anticipated to be a high amount of insured damage, that CAMP goes to a location. Past examples include the 2011 wildfire in Slave Lake, Alberta, the wildfire-related evacuation of Fort McMurray, Alberta, in 2016, and the 2011 tornado in Goderich, Ontario. The 2013 flooding in Alberta was one example of an instance of a virtual, as opposed to an on-site, CAMP deployment. CAMP has only been deployed a few times in the past. But according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), climate change has led to high amounts of insured damage over the past few years. In a January 2019 press release, IBC said severe weather caused a total of $1.9 billion in insured damage in Canada in 2018. Unlike in previous years, this damage came from a number of small events instead of one big environmental disaster. IBC therefore advocated for more strategies to prevent and mitigate these types of events.

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Who's Behind the Initiative?

CAMP is an IBC initiative. The Insurance Bureau of Canada is an organization that represents insurers. According to its website, the association's members represent 90 percent of the country's property and casualty market. CAMP is a go-between helping disaster victims connect with their insurance company, broker or agent.

Getting to Know Your Insurance

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