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Your insurance rates will vary depending on your age.

Annual Premium

Preferred Rates

Standard rates are the premiums paid by people who the life insurance company consider to be in average health.

Preferred rates are the premiums paid by people who the life insurance company consider to be in exceptional health.

The availability of Preferred Rates is up to the discretion of the insurer and usually must be supported by the results of your paramedical. Only after the results of your paramedical are submitted and reviewed by the prospective insurer will they let you know if you will be eligible for the Preferred Rate. If for some reason you are not offered Preferred Rates, then you likely will be offered the Standard Rate quote.

Compare quotes?

  1. Answer a few questions in each step of the comparison service.
  2. Review your quotes and pick the one that interests you most.
  3. Confirm your rate with a licensed representative.
Licensed insurance advice
Remember, the quotes you receive are based on the information you've provided, so if you're in doubt about any of the questions or your answers, bring this up when you speak with the licensed representative. They'll be able to answer all your questions and update your quote so it accurately reflects your insurance needs.

Getting help along the way
If you have any questions as you complete the steps, give us a call at 1-888-854-2503 or submit your question and we'll get back to you. We're here to help. Or if you prefer, online hints are available to help you along the way.

Email address

Your Email Address

On top of showing your life insurance quotes online, we'll email you a link to the quotes you got. That way, if you are not ready today to apply online or call us, you can easily access your quotes and proceed at a later, more convenient date.

We value your privacy. will not trade or sell your name to third parties except when required to fulfill services you request. For details, please click on the Privacy link located in the footer of this page.

Estimated annual premium

This is an estimate of how much your insurance premium will be - based on the information you've entered into our comparison service. It does not include provincial tax or service charges if they apply.

Find out more about Kanetix?

Kanetix is a free online quote comparison service. There are no fees, surcharges, or hidden costs for shopping at Kanetix. We work closely with approximately 30 of Canada's most recognized insurance companies to offer you quotes that are competitive in today's insurance market.

Get help?

Have a question? We'll help you find your answers.

By email or phone

We're open Monday to Thursday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (ET) and Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.


  • Check out the online FAQs and InfoCentre - both have tips and articles to help you navigate the world of insurance.
  • As well, if you click on the Help button next to each question in the comparison service you'll find information to help you with your answer.
Licensed insurance advice
You'll also have an opportunity to speak with a licensed representative when you're confirming your quote. So if you're in doubt about any of the questions or your answers, make sure you discuss your doubts/questions with them. They'll be available to answer all your questions and make adjustments to your quote, if necessary.

Have you ever smoked or used tobacco?

Insurance companies will give lower life insurance rates to people who don't smoke or use tobacco. If you smoked in the past, most insurance companies will consider you a "non-smoker" if you have not smoked for at least 12-24 months before applying for coverage.

Most insurance companies view the use of other forms of tobacco (cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco) as the same as cigarette smoking. However, some companies see tobacco chewers, pipe and cigar smokers as non-smokers.

If you are not sure you would be considered a non-smoker, please check with an insurance broker or call us at 1-888-854-2503 and we'll connect you with an insurance broker featured on our site.

How many people do you want insured?

Type of Coverage

Single coverage insures one person. Joint coverage is for two people.

The joint life insurance quotes currently available through the Kanetix Life comparison service is commonly referred to as "joint-first-to-die" coverage. It insures two people, but pays a benefit on the first death only.

Joint coverage may be an ideal choice for couples, since one policy insures both partners. Couples often get this type of coverage to make sure that when one of them dies, the surviving partner has the means to:
  • look after any children they may have and pay for future educational expenses
  • to pay off outstanding debts (like a mortgage)

Interested in other life products?

There are many other life insurance products on the market, including Permanent Life and Disability insurance.

If you are interested in a life insurance product not seen on the Kanetix site, send us a description of the coverage you have in mind and your phone number. We'll have a licensed life insurance advisor give you a call.

Or, if you prefer, we can connect you to one of the licensed life insurance advisors featured on the site. Simply call us at 1-888-854-2503 and we'll be happy to introduce you.

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We value your privacy. Kanetix will not trade or sell your name to third parties except when required to fulfill services you request. For details, see our privacy policy.

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We value your privacy. Kanetix will not trade or sell your name to third parties except when required to fulfill services you request. For details, see our privacy policy.

Made up your mind?

The companies listed with us allow you to apply for life insurance online.

If you're interested in purchasing a life insurance policy offline, please call Kanetix toll-free 1-888-854-2503.

Term Period

Term Period

A "term" is the period of time your insurance policy will cover you. The most popular term is 10 years and accounts for 70 to 75 percent of term insurance sales in Canada.

A Term 10 policy offers 10 years of insurance coverage at a rate that will not change until renewal. Term 10 is best suited for those with teenage children and/or a mortgage that's well under control yet still needs protecting.

A Term 20 policy offers 20 years of coverage with a level premium. The Term 20 is well suited for people with young families and/or new mortgages where the insurance need is at least 15 years.

A Term 30 policy offers 30 years of coverage with a level premium. The Term 30 is perfect if the insurance need is at least 25 years and is renewable until age 100 for many companies. This option allows two people - usually spouses - to be insured under one contract with the full value of the insurance paid out on the death of the first spouse.

The Term to 100 is different. This policy will insure you until age 100 or for life, whichever comes first. Term to 100 plans are best suited for people aged 50-55 because they have a level premium for the life of the contract.

Where do you live?

Automobile insurance rates are generally higher in metropolitan areas. That's because there are a higher number of accidents, theft and vandalism claims than in rural areas.

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