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Instead of wading through all of the information regarding various different kinds of travel insurance, and then trying to decide which travel insurance options and possible combinations are most relevant for your particular trip, vacation or circumstances, it may make sense to take a look at one of the "All Inclusive" travel insurance package plans that are available.

There are many specific travel insurance policies offering protection against various unwelcome possibilities while away from home, including of course: emergency medical assistance, trip cancellation insurance and baggage loss insurance, to name a few. These are very useful, and certainly the emergency medical is a must have. But, trying to sort through all of the products and coverages, and then deciding on the right combination, may seem rather tedious, especially as your vacation or business trip looms invitingly in the future and you'd just like to get on with it.

For those of us who can think of nothing less appealing than wading through all of these choices, there may be an excellent - time and cost effective solution. The answer could simply be to purchase one of the "All Inclusive" travel insurance policies that are available. A packaged combination of coverages may be the perfect option for you, your family or travelling group, as they cover most of the standard requirements of a traveller whose trip has run into problems.

Benefit levels and exclusions vary by policy and supplier. What follows is a brief overview of some of the benefits typically included in an "all inclusive" travel insurance plan:

Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance:

Trip Cancellation - if you must cancel your trip due to events beyond your control.

Trip Interruption - if events beyond your control, cause your trip to be interrupted.

Trip Delay - if scheduled departure delays cause unplanned expenses.

Supplier Default - if the folks you purchased your vacation from go out of business.Schedule Change - if an airline schedule change causes unplanned expenses.

Accidental Death / Dismemberment Insurance:

In Flight - applies to accidental bodily injury sustained as a passenger on an aircraft.

Non Flight - for accidental bodily injury sustained as a passenger in a vehicle other than aircraft.

Personal Effects / Baggage Insurance:

Baggage Delay - benefits paid for baggage delay.

Baggage Loss / Damage - benefits paid for lost or damaged baggage.


24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance - counselors, doctors or nurses to speak with.

24 hour Emergency Travel Assistance - flight rebooking, hotel reservations etc.

Emergency Accident / Sickness Insurance:

Emergency Evacuation / Repatriation - if you must return due to a medical condition.

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Emergency Medical - physician(s), prescription(s), ambulance and hospital while away.

Death Related Expenses - burial, identification or transportation of remains.

Emergency Dental - covers costs relating to an accidental blow to the mouth, pain etc.

Bedside Companion - covers the expense of having a companion be with you if you're hospitalized while away.

Subsistence Allowance - covers meals, hotel, taxis and essential calls if a medical emergency delays your return.

As you can see, it's a fairly comprehensive list, with most eventualities being covered. But keep in mind, the above are general inclusions, - definitions, specifics and availability vary from insurer to insurer.

As with all insurance products that you purchase, you should read the fine print on the policy. Most especially, don't forget to go through the "Exclusions and Limitations" sections before you purchase. Make sure that you understand and are comfortable with exactly what's being offered, and what's excluded. And, don't hesitate to give the insurance provider a call to clarify anything that you don't understand.

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