How business insurance can save your business money

When you started your business, chances are you didn't think "Great, now I can get business insurance!" In fact, chances are it was the last thing on your mind while starting up.

If business insurance (like the popular commercial general liability and commercial property coverages) has never been 'on your mind' because you think it is some obscure, never-going-to-happen, never-going-to-need-it policy, consider the following scenarios. While fictional, these scenarios are not out of the realm of possibility and bring to life how commercial property and general liability coverage can help a business, even during what seems to be day-to-day operations.*

Not sure how commercial general liablity insurance (CGL) coverage protects you? Consider:

  • One of your sales people is out on a call at a potential client's store. The owner of this store thinks your product will sell well in their store and is considering placing an order. Unfortunately, in their over-zealous sales pitch your salesperson knocks over a whole display of very expensive figurines valued at over $25,000.

  • You've finally opened the doors to your trendy new lighting and fixture showroom and you've got the table and floor lamps, sconces, ceiling fans and chandeliers that all the city's interior designers want. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to you, a shopper moved a few floor lamps around while deciding on whether they wanted to buy. In doing so, the lamp's cord is no longer neatly tucked out of the way, and another shopper, a few hours later, trips and falls over the cord, breaking her ankle.

  • As a local tailor, you're devastated to learn that a small fire has destroyed all your customer's clothing that is awaiting pick up, delivery or mending. It's not your clothing, and the fire wasn't even caused by you, but will your customers see it that way?

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commercial property insurance coverage

  • Business has been good, and many orders have come in from your clients for more of your product. So you load up the car and head out, fully stocked and ready to fulfill all your orders. While making your first delivery, your car is broken into and everything-your product, laptop, and your PDA, are stolen. And no, this type of loss isn't covered through your auto insurance policy-even if it is registered for commercial or business-use.

  • Early on you were told to buy property to make money; and you have. Now, you own four properties that you rent out to other businesses. Regrettably, at one of the locations, some old wiring shorted out and caused a fire, burning down your building. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but there will be a significant outlay of money needed in order to repair what's left of the building and rebuild what's not.

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How Kanetix offers you a better way to shop for commercial insurance

Chances are, you can come up with more scenarios then you can count that are specific to your business where commercial property or general liability could help. There are probably even scenarios that you wouldn't imagine.

Through Kanetix, not only can you get online quotes for your commercial property and commercial general liability coverage, but you'll also see how inexpensive coverage actually is. You'll also have the opportunity, once you've decided you want coverage, to speak with a licensed representative who is dedicated to helping you with your commercial insurance needs.

When it comes to your livelihood, where anything could happen, why would you risk it?

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Compare and Save on Insurance Rates

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* While these "real-life" fictional examples demonstrate how commercial property and general liability business insurance might help you in protecting your business, remember, to always speak to a licensed commercial business insurance representative. They'll be able to offer you clarification or more information on what's covered when; if it is covered at all, or if you're wondering what type of business insurance policy it is you really need. Because the fact is, policies and coverage may differ depending on your insurer, geographic location, and specific circumstances. If you have a similar situation, always check with your insurance provider for terms and conditions that may apply to you.


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