Last minute travel deals: Make sure you're actually getting one!

Plenty of travel websites offer great pricing on last minute vacations. Everything-flight, hotel, taxes, administrative fees and even travel insurance-is often bundled together in one nice neat package into one nice neat price. But, breaking down the price reveals an interesting opportunity to save money.

If you were looking to book a last minute all-inclusive week long vacation for two, you'll notice that travel insurance can easily be bundled into the package if it isn't already done so automatically for you; typically at a cost of about $200 depending on the site you book through.

Travel insurance is usually optional with these types of vacation packages, and believe it or not, it's a pretty good idea to opt-out of including it in your overall trip price. Are we saying not to buy travel insurance - absolutely not - however, $200 is likely not your best travel insurance deal for coverage.

At about $200, travel insurance packages like those described above are probably all-inclusive policies. All-inclusive travel insurance typically offers coverage for your flight, baggage and emergency medical expenses, and can usually be found by shopping around for around $120. However, some would-be travellers taking a last minute vacation may find the amount of coverage in an all-inclusive package excessive.


Since you're booking a "last minute" vacation, you probably don't need your flight covered since you'll be taking off in a few days or even tomorrow. At that point, it's safe to say you'd know what the weather forecast is for your take-off day, and you'd also know if you had any medical concerns that would make a doctor recommend you not travel at all. Since trip cancellation coverage takes into account these types of situations, you likely don't need it.

As for the loss of baggage coverage, it depends on your packing style. If you can pack everything into your carry-on, that's great because you won't need this coverage either; if not, coverage for the loss of your luggage can be bought separately, along with your must-have emergency medical coverage at a better price than the all-inclusive policy. All-inclusive policies are a great buy if you need all three coverages; trip cancellation, loss of baggage and emergency medical. It is not a good buy however, if you only need one or two out of the three.

Travel insurance tips for your last minute travel

  • Waive the travel insurance included in your online travel package. Chances are you can get a better price elsewhere for the coverage you decide you need.

  • Look at your travel insurance options. Are you worried that you might have to cancel, or interrupt your last minute travel vacation? Do you want coverage for your luggage?

  • Absolutely get emergency medical travel insurance coverage. But before bundling it into your last minute travel package price, get quotes.

  • Consider an annual, multi-trip travel insurance policy if you take more than one trip a year, whether it's a last minute deal, a quick shopping trip across the border, or an annual trip with the family. Multiple-trip policies mean that for one annual rate, you will have emergency medical travel insurance coverage for every trip you take within the year after the policy is issued. Quotes for a variety of trip lengths are available too.

  • Shop around for travel insurance. You'll be able to find ample coverage that is competitively priced, helping you save money on your last minute vacation deal. Get quotes, compare and buy--it's easy and can be done all online, just like you probably did with your trip package in the first place.

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