Travel insurance tips for 2011 that'll help you save

Nobody wants to buy travel insurance; it's just a fact. It's also a fact however, that travel insurance could save you plenty of money should you need to use it. That's why most people get it before heading out on vacation. But, did you know there are ways you can get the coverage you need while spending less for it? It's true, so consider the following tips if you're:

  • Taking a family vacation

    Buy one policy that covers the whole family, rather than buying one policy per person. Family rates are often available and are usually noticeably cheaper. There are even insurers who cover children under the age of 16 for free as long as a parent is insured as well.

    Compare travel insurance policies for your family.
  • Travelling two or more times a year

    Consider buying an annual, multi-trip policy. Multiple-trip policies mean that for one annual rate, you will have emergency medical travel insurance coverage for every trip you take within the year after the policy is issued. Quotes for a variety of trip lengths are available too. This is a money-saver if you take just a few trips each year.

    Compare annual, multi-trip travel insurance policies.
  • Going on a last minute getaway

    Think about opting out of your last minute deal's insurance coverage. You'll notice that travel insurance can easily be bundled into the package if it isn't already done so automatically for you, but it's usually overpriced. You can get the same coverage and save money, by opting-out of the bundled coverage and getting your coverage elsewhere. Get quotes, compare and buy--it's easy and can be done all online, just like you probably did with your trip package in the first place.

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  • Taking a road trip

    Consider getting only emergency medical travel insurance, as it is all you likely need. After all, you don't need to worry about an airline losing your luggage or your flight being cancelled. So why buy anything more?

    Compare emergency medical travel insurance quotes.
  • Taking the trip of a lifetime

    Bundle the coverage you need, instead of buying it in individual policies. If you're taking a trip of a lifetime, then there's no doubt about it, you'll want to get coverage for trip cancellation/interruption, your baggage and medical expenses while vacationing. While each of these can be purchased separately, it's more affordable to purchase an all inclusive package which covers each of these popular insurance coverages under one policy.

    Compare all inclusive travel insurance quotes.

Last, but not least!

In addition to these great tips, the one tip that can save you the most off your travel insurance premiums is to shop around and get quotes from competing companies. The vast range in rates available for what seems like the same coverage will surprise you.

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