Visiting Canada? What every visitor should purchase before they arrive

If you're planning a trip to Canada, or you have friends or family coming to visit, Visitors to Canada travel insurance is a good idea no matter how long, or short, the visit. Why? Fact is, Canada's well known health care system does not offer free medical care for visitors or tourists. For people coming to Canada without Visitors to Canada travel insurance coverage, health care can be costly.

According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) in 2004-2005 and released in 2008, the estimated average cost for a stay at an acute care hospital is approximately $7,000.

Even the cost of something as simple as a broken bone, can break the bank. What is often a relatively easily treatable injury could still be incredibly expensive for an uninsured visitor. The same report estimates that the average inpatient cost per stay for:

  • injuries to the wrists or hands is about $4,156
  • forearm fractures is $5,127
  • injuries to the ankles or feet is $5,476
  • lower leg fractures (including ankles) is about $5,850
  • femur fractures is $13,565

Who benefits from having a Visitors to Canada insurance policy?

In general, anyone who is not a Canadian citizen and is travelling to Canada for any amount of time would benefit from purchasing Visitors to Canada travel insurance.

Think about Visitors to Canada travel insurance if you, a family member or a friend is:

  • an international tourist travelling to Canada
  • an international visitor coming to Canada to visit family or friends; or
  • an immigrant who does not yet qualify for Canadian provincial health insurance who is looking for interim health coverage until eligible

What's covered with a Visitors to Canada travel insurance policy?

Visitors to Canada travel insurance policies vary from company to company, but standard coverage includes:

  • emergency hospital and medical services in Canada
  • extended healthcare in Canada
  • emergency transportation within Canada
  • accidental dental work within Canada
  • prescription drug expenses at Canadian pharmacies

How much does a Visitors to Canada travel insurance policy cost?

As with any type of insurance coverage, Visitors to Canada travel insurance rates will vary depending on the traveller's information including their age, how long they plan to be travelling, and the company select as their travel insurance provider. That's why shopping around for coverage is so important. Visitors to Canada policy rates can vary wildly, and only by comparing competing quotes will you know who offers you the best travel insurance rate.

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