KANETIX TV: Check Out These Brain Sensing Muse Headbands

We headed down to the InteraXon offices in Toronto's fashion district to learn more about Muse, the brain-sensing headband that is revolutionizing how people connect with themselves and calm their minds.

Based off meditation principals, InteraXon claims Muse can change your life in as little as three minutes a day. By monitoring your brainwaves and alerting you when your mind wanders, you can get immediate feedback and instantly shift your concentration back to your meditation, helping you maintain focus in other areas of your daily life.

Co-founder Trevor Coleman told us that Muse customers have reported feeling calmer, sleeping better and even having improved relationships with their families after using the product. I had the chance to try the Muse headband. When you are calm the app emits a beautiful, serene sound, but as your mind becomes distracted the sounds become stormier. However, even the stormy side sounds quite peaceful so your experience remains tranquil.

It almost works as a gamification of meditation. As your focus develops and you enter periods of calm for longer periods of time, you collect points in the form of little birdies. It's quite cute. I recently started practicing meditation and I can see how this device could help guide and refine one's practice. Watch our interview with Trevor talking about Muse and its potential health benefits.

Brainwaves and Your Insurance

Why were we interested in this device? Down in the States, life insurance providers have been offering clients Fitbits. The idea is if you score well on your Fitbit, prove that you're active and taking control of your health, this will translate into cheaper life insurance policies. The catch is you have to share this data with your insurance provider in order to qualify.

A recent article in Financial Post said that this technology may soon be rolled out in Canada. So it got us thinking. If Fitbits can prove that you're a more active and a theoretically healthy person, and this can get you discounts on your life insurance, what impact will a calm mind have on various insurance products? Will this indicate that you are less likely to have road rage, for example, possibly leading to lower auto insurance rates? How will it impact your life insurance rates as well, or will it have any impact at all?

Compare and Save on Insurance Rates

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It's too early to say, but in the meantime we had a blast learning more about the Muse headband. If you're interested in the Muse headband, it retails for $299 and can be purchased through BestBuy, Indigo, Amazon and several other retailers. For more information, visit choosemuse.com. Would you voluntarily disclose this information to your insurer if it meant a) getting a free product and b) lowering your insurance rates? Let us know in the comments below.


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