The Cars In Canada Least Likely To Be Stolen

Note: The data from which this article is derived is no longer available. As a result, this article has been archived.

According to the most recent information available through the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the following are the 2011 model year vehicles least likely to be stolen in Canada:

  • Audi A4 Quattro
  • Buick Regal
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Hyundai Tucson
  • Kia Rondo
  • Audi Q5
  • Chevrolet/GMC Equinox/Terrain
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Nissan Murano
  • Nissan Rogue

What does vehicle theft have to do with your insurance premiums?

Coverage for theft is included under the 'comprehensive' or 'specified perils' part of your auto insurance policy. As vehicle theft increases, the part of the premium you pay for comprehensive/specified perils coverage is likely to follow. Of course, turn it around and the flipside is true; you'll pay less for theft coverage with a vehicle that is less likely to be stolen.

About vehicle theft in Canada and how to deter it from happening to you

Statistics Canada suggests that vehicle theft in Canada is on the decline. In 2010, there were 93,000 reported vehicle thefts; down 15 per cent from the previous year. Even so, that's still roughly 254 vehicles stolen a day.

To prevent your car from being targeted by thieves and becoming one of the 254 cars stolen on any given day, the following are a few tips from the IBC:

  • Always roll up your windows, close your sunroof, and lock up when leaving your vehicle.
  • Put the key in your pocket or purse as soon as you lock up and never leave keys in your vehicle or in the ignition.
  • Do not leave valuable items like laptops, sports equipment or purchases in clear view; place them somewhere out of sight.
  • Make sure to park in a well lit, busy area.
  • Get your car parts marked (etched). This could make your car a less attractive target to thieves looking to resell parts.
  • If you park in your own private garage, lock both the garage and your car.

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