Term Life Insurance Analyzer Tool

This tool will help you find out which term life insurance product is best for you. By answering a few simple questions, this tool will assess your needs and let you know what product is most commonly recommended for people in your same situation.

Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

How many children do you have?
What is the age of the youngest child?
Are you planning on having more children?
Have you set aside savings for your child/ren's education?
Are you planning on having children in the future?
Will part of your life insurance coverage be used to pay off a mortgage or other significant loan?
When do you expect to have your mortgage/loan paid off?
If your family were to lose your annual income, how many years worth of your income would you like your life insurance to cover?
Do you currently have any life insurance coverage?
When do you expect to retire?
When does your spouse expect to retire?
How will your retirement be funded?

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