Onlia Customers to Get One Month Free of Home and Auto Insurance Payments

Provider of digital home and auto insurance in Ontario to give its customers a break next month.

Onlia is giving its Ontario customers one month free of having to make a home and auto insurance premium payment. The free month is intended to help relieve the financial stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic by providing immediate savings at a time when Canadians are feeling strapped for cash.

"Onlia has always put the safety of Canadians first, and now more than ever we are pulling together to protect one another," says Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia in a press release. "With customers presently experiencing unprecedented lifestyle changes, we are taking additional steps to provide support and assistance to our community."

To qualify for the premium waiver, a customer would have needed to have a policy in force as of March 31st and made at least one full monthly premium payment.

Onlia is also looking to incent their customers in May to keep their car parked. Through the company’s safe-driving app, customers will be rewarded with $20 cash for not driving at all during the month. Usually, the app rewards safe driving behaviours.

COVID-19 Relief Measures: The List Grows

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic millions of Canadians are struggling with their personal finances, and with Onlia’s one-month premium holiday, the list of insurance payment and premium relief measures offered by providers continues to grow.

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