Ontario Drivers To Get Winter Tire Insurance Discount

The Ontario car insurance discount for winter tires takes effect January 1, 2016.

Starting January 1, 2016 all Ontario car insurance companies must give Ontario drivers who change their tires seasonally a discount. How much the discount will save drivers will vary, however, it could be as much as five per cent.

Many insurers already offer the winter tire discount

In an email statement to the Globe and Mail, Malon Edwards of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (the folks who regulate the insurance industry in Ontario), said that about 45 per cent of Ontario auto insurer's already offer a winter tire discount.

As a result, drivers who swap out their all-season tires for winter wheels don't have to wait until next year to save. If you don't already benefit from a winter tire discount, there are many Ontario car insurance companies who currently offer the winter tire discount to policyholders.

Are snow tires better than all-season tires in the winter?

According to the Rubber Association of Canada, many Canadian motorists still choose all-season tires to meet their needs. However, in cold weather conditions winter tires offer up to 50 per cent or more traction than all-seasons. And, in a statement the Ministry of Finance says, "Winter tires that are in good condition can shorten braking distances by as much as 25 per cent."

  • Did you know? Winter tires are mandatory in Quebec. Passenger vehicles registered in Quebec must have winter tires installed by December 15 and they cannot be removed until March 15.

Usually drivers are encouraged to install their winter tires when the temperature drops below 7°Celsius. However, to qualify for the winter tire discount, the tires typically need to be on the vehicle from November until April (this requirement will vary by insurer).

For drivers who will be buying, installing, and driving with winter tires this coming winter, the Ministry of Finance offers the following additional tips:

Compare and Save on Insurance Rates

Find the lowest insurance rate and start saving today

  • Look for tires marked with a logo of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake
  • Install winter tires in sets of four
  • Do not mix tires with different tread patterns or size
  • Change tires that are worn close to the tread-wear indicators
  • Check the tires' air pressure at least once a month

Save today with the winter tire discount

Many Ontario car insurers already offer a winter tire discount. Why wait until next year to save on your car insurance? See how much you can save with a winter tire discount and compare car insurance quotes for a better rate today.


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