#ParkingFails Caught on Camera

I admit it. Parking is not what I excel at and it turns out, I’m not the only one who struggles with it. A few months back, I came across this picture-perfect parking job near the Kanetix.ca offices. We’re located in downtown Toronto where parking is at a premium—pun intended—and I thought my colleagues would find this photo funny. (Fortunately, the vehicle did not belong to any of my coworkers, otherwise, that could have been awkward.)

Interestingly, the photo sparked a mini-competition of sorts. After showing the photo around the office, it became clear: #ParkingFails are everywhere, as colleagues shared their pics with me of cars parked badly. The following photos, all taken in the last several months, are some of the best—of the worst—#ParkingFails that landed in my inbox.

Did you know? Parking tickets do not affect your auto insurance rates. It’s a very common and popular auto insurance myth that often leads drivers astray.

Caught on Camera: #ParkingFails

It’s estimated that the average car spends about 95 per cent of its lifetime parked. If true, then we all need to practice parking a little more.

How to not make friends with your neighbours...

Lines, what lines?

When two spots are better than one.

Okay, I get it…you drive a Ferrari.

Almost 20 per cent of this car is not even in the parking spot.

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But I like both spots. I’m taking both!

On the positive side, at least they didn’t back into the tree.

Parallel parking woes: Part 1

Parallel parking woes: Part 2

On this last one, I’m a bit conflicted. By parking on an angle, this driver has ensured that the nose of the car does not extend into the “No Parking” zone. Is this a #ParkingFail or a clever way to avoid a ticket? You be the judge.


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