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Road Rage In Canada: Eight in 10 Canadians Admit to Road Rage

Have you ever lost your cool behind the wheel? Based on the latest study from, 79 per cent of Canadian drivers admit to road rage-like behaviours. The study, conducted by Leger Marketing, asked more than 1400 Canadian drivers 18 years of age and older to identify not only what road rage-like behaviours they've partook in, but also what typically triggers their anger.

Road rage, in all of its forms, can refer to events of speeding, profanity and lewd gestures, following too closely, purposefully cutting off another driver, and even exiting a vehicle leading to physical confrontations.

The following chart breaks down the most common behaviours of road rage admitted to by Canadian drivers:

Behaviours  Canadians drivers are guilty of doing while behind the wheel.

The most common road rage-like behaviour was speeding, which was admitted by more than 60 per cent of respondents. While speeding was far and away the most common single display of road rage, profanity-- #!@#!--makes itself heard twice; once as a result of traffic (almost 40 per cent) and again out of frustration with other drivers (21 per cent).

Drivers who admit to engaging in aggressive behaviours say they are most commonly set off by distracted drivers who are not paying attention; and strangely, two in five indicated their road rage is triggered when they see other drivers behaving aggressively around them (now that's #!@#!).

Drive Safe, Drive Calm

Kanetix reminds drivers of the importance of road safety. Road rage, in all of its forms, can lead to bad decisions and result in tickets, accidents, increased car insurance rates, or worse. Stay safe, drive carefully and avoid letting others on the road ruin your zen.

Road Rage in Canada: In Depth

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